New esports circuit for Fortnite announced by ESL and FACEIT

ESL and FACEIT team up with UEFN developer 404 Creative to introduce a new esports circuit in Fortnite. This article explores this exciting development in more depth.

New Fortnite Feature Leaks Offer Potential Interactive Video Experience

A recently leaked update suggests Fortnite could be introducing an in-game feature that allows players to watch videos directly within the game an onwards trajectory in the gaming world. Further exploration is required to confirm the authenticity of this leak and its potential benefits for players.

Fortnite Drops Item Rarities in Latest Update

The Evolution of Fortnite Continues as Item Rarities are Removed in Update 29.20.

League of Legends: Skarner's Rework and Combo Potential

This article discusses League of Legend's champion, Skarner, his recent revamp and the emergence of a game-changing combo with Kalista that's gaining attention.

An in-depth exploration of Udyr’s ability to sense when the enemy jungler begins battling the voidgrubs, a peculiar talent resulting from one of his voice line interactions. This article also delves into the increasing importance of voidgrubs in the gameplay and the impact of recent changes.

Exploring Udyr's Unique Game Sense with VoidgrubsCard Image Alt)

It seems Skarner, a character in the famous MOBA game League of Legends, has seen some changes recently after his rework resulted in top lane dominance. Developers introduced hotfix nerfs following a surge in the champion's popularity to balance his role.

Skarner Hotfixed After ReworkCard Image Alt)