Cloud9's Coach Mithy Exits Team After Below-Par Performance

A detailed expose of the departure of Mithy from Cloud9, the impact it creates on the team and the probable future course of action for the team.

Cloud9 and Mithy have had a long association that spanned across several fruitful years. However, recent times saw Mithy make the tough decision to part ways with the team. This dissolution was a result of a performance that did not measure up to the high expectations laid out for this 'super team'.

Formulated as a 'super team', Cloud9 is another team that has been burdened with meeting the anticipated results that come with enlisting the top cream of players all at once. Even though they secured the third place in the playoffs, this did not suffice to bring them to the desired position at MSI 2024. As a result, they fell short of their intended goals.

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Mithy had functioned as the coach of Cloud9, ensuring its smooth functioning for more than two years. The time had witnessed his on and off association with the team. However, a blend of circumstances and unsatisfactory outcomes led to his final decision of stepping down from his position.


Mithy's departure from the team was a deeply emotional moment for him. He expressed his sentiments saying, 'It hurts me to announce that C9 and I have parted ways. I respect and appreciate the organization and its players, despite them failing to meet their expectations'.

The team's expectations were high from their new enlistments. They had signed former LCS MVP jojopyun along with Berserker, believing that they could be a duo capable of dominating the region. Retaining Blaber and Fudge and recalling Vulcan, this team started the year on a high in power rankings by both fans and analysts.

The collective verdict from all quarters appeared to suggest that anything short of winning was unsatisfactory for this roster. Mithy appeared to be in agreement with this sentiment as well. Their losses 3-0 to FlyQuest and 3-0 again to Team Liquid did nothing to boost fan confidence in the team, despite their strong third-place finish on paper.

Examining the behind-the-scenes footages of Cloud9 portrayed a picture of heated tensions within the team. High-strung emotions were evident with Berserker resorting to physical expressions of frustration such as punching walls and slamming doors. Thus, Mithy's departure was not a surprising turn of events, and further team layoffs would not seem far fetched either.

The words from Cloud9 floated a possibility of the unexpected. They suggested that unexpected changes could be on the horizon. This hinted at a likely restructuring within the team and played into building intrigue around what lay in store for the Cloud9 team.

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Cloud9 is faced with the challenge of making crucial decisions. It has been rumored that jojopyun was being offered a golden opportunity to play in the LCK owing to his competence and skill as a player. Given this scenario, the team might look for a revamp in their coaching staff and strategies aiming to establish better team synchronization.

As of now, it is ambiguous who Cloud9 will be bringing onboard to coach their team irrespective of what the final combination turns out to be. Notwithstanding, considering past events, it is confidently inferred that LS might not be a viable option.