eSports Coach Accused of Unethical Behaviour

FlyQuest eSports team's coach, Richard Su, put under administrative investigation following allegations of flirting with minors.

Richard Su, a coach for the FlyQuest League of Champions Series (LCS), has been placed on administrative leave. The decision from FlyQuest management has been taken in response to allegations detailed in a report by Sheep Esports. According to the report, Richard supposedly posed under an alias and engaged in inappropriate conversation with minors.

The report detailing Richard’s alleged conduct was published by Sheep Esports, with claims that the FlyQuest coach was engaging in unethical behaviour. Sander ‘LCS Eevee’ Hove, who claims to have approached FlyQuest management with the allegations prior to their publication, is among the sources cited in the report.

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The report investigates the damaging claims that Richard employed an alias and presented himself as a 13-14 year old boy to interact with minors. In light of these accusations, FlyQuest decided to place the strategic coach on administrative leave.

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The eSports organisation reacted swiftly to the allegations, deciding to put the accused employee on leave while an investigation is underway. The decision came following the allegations detailed in the report, which suggest Richard was involved in inappropriate interactions with minors.

FlyQuest's administration released a statement saying that they had been notified of the allegations surrounding their member of staff earlier that day. The statement further elaborated that the behaviour in question occurred prior to the individual's tenure with the team.

Regardless of the historical nature of the allegations, FlyQuest has reassured the public that they take such accusations very seriously. The organisation pledged to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations levelled against Richard Su.

Among the informants who reached out to Sheep Esports were individuals who claimed that Richard was engaging in inappropriate conduct with a minor. According to these sources, Richard, aged 24 or 25, was pretending to be a German boy around the age of 13 or 14 at that time.

One particular incident, as per the account of these informants, took place in the year 2020. While the allegations are serious, it remains to be seen if more individuals will come forward with additional information regarding similar incidents with Richard.

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Little is publicly known about the specifics of the allegations, including the number of potential victims, the nature of the supposed “flirting”, or how these interactions initially began. The investigation by FlyQuest will likely aim to clarify these details as they conduct their investigation.

In response to the allegations, the team is expected to work closely with authorities and third-party investigators to ensure everyone involved is heard and any misconduct is appropriately dealt with. Collaborating with outside agencies will provide necessary transparency to the investigation.

Richard Su's tenure as an eSports coach began in North America towards the end of 2019. Within a year, he was part of the FlyQuest team, taking up the post in late 2020. His career has seen him work with several different teams within the eSports landscape.

Sheep eSports' report also suggests this isn't the first time that Richard has faced allegations of this nature. The report alleges that similar incidents occurred when Richard was a pro player in Australia.

The eSports scene in Australia is currently unaware of these allegations against Richard. However, based on the report from Sheep eSports, it appears that Richard's pattern of behavior may span multiple countries and potentially many years.

These allegations highlight one of many incidents that have raised questions about the ethics within eSports organizations globally. It forces these organizations to assess their own conducts and reiterate their commitment to providing a safe environment for all involved.

Such allegations also serve as a reminder of the inherent responsibilities tied to the management positions within these organizations. As people in power, it is crucial for these individuals to maintain appropriate, professional relationships with their colleagues.

This incident will likely endure as a stark admonition for the eSports industry. All organizations, including FlyQuest, should make it a priority to invest in safe and ethical work environments for all employees. This includes investing in preventative measures and thorough procedures for investigations.

The FlyQuest organization, while currently working to shed light on the truth of these allegations, is also likely working to assure its members that their safety remains a top priority. In the end, they hope to use this unfortunate circumstance to implement stronger protective measures.

While individuals await further findings from the ongoing investigation, it is hoped that FlyQuest and other eSports organizations will use these allegations as an opportunity to reflect on and improve their internal practices. Above all, it is important to remember that these are important steps towards ensuring a safe and respectful environment within the eSports landscape.