Malphite's Visual Update in League of Legends

A look at the new visual changes to the champion Malphite in the popular game League of Legends.

The champion Malphite in League of Legends (LoL) is set to receive a surprising visual update, as revealed in the new Skarner theme video. Known for its intriguing champion updates, LoL continues this tradition with an intriguing update for the top lane tank, Malphite. Predictions point towards a model update and potentially new Visual Effects (VFX) for his abilities.

Several sharp-eyed players noticed the visual changes to Malphite during the snippets of gameplay in the Skarner theme video. In comparison to his usual avatar, the new Malphite displayed significant differences. The champion, often referred as the rock, is known for his rugged and tough structure, which unfortunately is now viewed as outdated compared to LoL's modern aesthetic.

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In terms of graphics and aesthetics, Malphite's existing model seems to have lost its charm. Today’s range of champions in LoL showcase smooth and thoroughly detailed designs, causing Malphite to stand out, albeit not in a good way. The mismatch in design has left many players eagerly waiting for an update to give Malphite a much-needed revamp.


As games evolve, the need for visual upgrades for characters becomes necessary to maintain consistency in the gaming environment. So, a visual update for Malphite is not just merely for aesthetic appeal, but also for maintaining precision in gameplay. As the technologies used to build these games progress, so should the elements within the game itself.

With the update, Malphite now showcases a drastic change in appearance, donning a sharper and edgier look. His bulky, monolithic stature is replaced with a more sporadic pattern, displaying multiple peaks. This visual transformation complements his character role as a durable champion capable of withstanding heavy damage, while also infusing new life into his portrayal.

The sharper visual model of Malphite aids in emphasizing his strength and rigidity. The enhanced image is not merely for aesthetic satisfaction but plays a significant part in his power fantasy. As a sturdy and resilient rock giant, Malphite's visual upgrade truly sets him apart.

With this fresher, more dynamic appearance, Malphite is expected to hold up well alongside the other champions. Modern and sophisticated, this new version is anticipated to be an absolute treat for hardcore LoL fans, and an exciting change for Malphite enthusiasts.

The adjustment to Malphite's visuals were showcased during a pivotal moment in the Skarner theme video. Captured in timestamp 1:50, Skarner launches an attack on Malphite, revealing a quick glimpse into the upcoming visual changes. This transient revelation gives players a sneak peek into Malphite’s visual overhaul.

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The glimpse of the visually updated Malphite carries a world of promise. However, the sneak peek came and went in a flash, leaving the players hankering for a more comprehensive look. This brief yet impactful revelation has sparked excitement and curiosity among the player base, who are now eager to see the full-fledged version.

It’s no surprise that such a glimpse at the visual update has sparked considerable interest. A critical aspect of any champion, their visual representation and aesthetics, hold a huge sway on player perception and gameplay. Thus, the peak at Malphite’s visual update translates into high anticipation for his revised version.

The timing for the release of this update is still uncertain. The situation raises questions as to when the visual overhaul of Malphite will be made available to players on a full-scale basis. As it stands, the anticipation surrounding Malphite's refurbishment continues to rise.

The update already has the attention of the gaming community, thanks to its highlight in the teaser trailers. Speculations point that if the updated visuals are already far into development as the trailer suggests, the release may be closer than anticipated.

Given the appearance of the updated Malphite in a teaser, it seems likely that the launch might happen sooner than expected. Having already showcased a glimpse of the revamped Malphite, there’s a chance the update could be made live sooner rather than later.

These speculations are, of course, purely based on the sneak peek provided in the trailers. Deciding when an updated character model goes live is at the behest of the game developers. Keeping players intrigued is all part of the fun, and only adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Long term players of LoL may appreciate this update immensely. This visual revamp serves as a reminder of the time and effort the creators of LoL dedicate to improving gameplay for a continually evolving player base and changing gaming technology.

Overall, the new visual update for Malphite promises to be well-received by players. With an aesthetic overhaul that not only enhances the player's visual experience but also furthers the narrative of the champion, anticipation for the release is high.

So, let's wait anxiously for the remarkable transformation of our favourite boulder-smashing cannon, Malphite, when he rolls out with a stunning visual upgrade in League of Legends that will amp up our gaming experience.

With all said and done, Malphite’s visual upgrade is a stone’s throw away. Gamers worldwide are excited to see these changes come into play, hoping it enhances their experience and makes interaction with the champion more immersive and thrilling.