Streamer Left Speechless as Powerful Unit Fails to Deliver a Win

A shocking second-place finish leaves a Teamfight Tactics streamer silent after their high-cost, 3-star character fails to meet expectations.

An Unexpected Turn for a Teamfight Tactics Streamer

An unexpected turn of events left a Teamfight Tactics streamer speechless on the gaming platform. Their high-level character, a 3-star 5-cost Bel’Veth unit, failed to secure a victory, resulting in a surprising second-place finish.

What is Teamfight Tactics?

For the uninitiated, Teamfight Tactics is Riot’s incredibly popular auto-chess game. To win, players must strategically create their team, combining various traits and synergies to strengthen their army. Another strategy involves acquiring and leveling up powerful 5-cost units - these strong characters can often tip the scales to victory, but they are riskier to play, as players must reach levels 7, 8, or 9 to obtain them.

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The Streamer's Advantage

The streamer known as TFToddy found himself in this advantageous position. He was at level 9 and had acquired a 3-star Bel’Veth - a feat that often results in an immediate win. Only three players were left in the game, leaving TFToddy confident he would win and rise in the ranking.

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The Unexpected Outcome

However, the critical match-up did not go as planned. Despite the supposed advantage of his 3-star Bel’Veth, her ability was not enough to wipe out the enemy board, owned by a player using a Gunner Zaun strategy with a 2-star Senna, Gunner Urgot, and more. The Bel’Veth unexpectedly struggled against the opposing Zaun board and fell before taking down key enemy characters.

The shocking second-place finish caused TFToddy’s initial smile of confidence to transform into a dumbfounded silence as he processed the surprising outcome.