New League of Legends Player Faces Unpleasant Experience in Early Games

A novice player in the popular multiplayer online battle arena game gets discouraged after their initial experiences in the game.Online Gaming Experiences

A Tough Introduction to ' League of Legends'

A new gamer attempting to find their way around the popular online battle game, 'League of Legends', has encountered an unfavorable experience. They became a victim of the game's growing toxicity, leaving them in tears after their first few games.

The Game's Context

The game, developed by Riot, has been around for about 14 years. In that time, long-time players have come to understand the game in a specific way, and aren't too forgiving to beginners who fail to abide by that unspoken order. This has resulted in an environment where players expect others to seamlessly perform their roles and play well, resulting in a toxic gaming environment.

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Players' Expectations

Players' expectations are driven by the fact that the game developers haven't shied away from remaking the game from time to time to keep players interested. This development, in addition to encouraging players to participate in the ranked mode, has resulted in a much more competitive environment.

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New Entrants Struggling

As a consequence, new entrants to the game are having a hard time settling in. The hostile environment that has been cultivated by the online community can be a massive deterrent to those only just learning how to play the game. A relatively new player has recounted their negative experiences while trying to make sense of the game in an unranked blind pick game.

A Specific Case

This person, who had only played four blind pick games in addition to practice mode or versing AI, shared their unpleasant experience. During their third blind pick game, they made a mistake by killing the buff meant for their jungler, despite not knowing they weren't supposed to. While they ended up winning due to the jungler's effort, it didn't happen without some tongue-lashing.

This encounter left them feeling out of place, considering they are, as they put it, “too sensitive and terrified of making mistakes.” As a result, they may reconsider how much they want to take part in the game.

Support from the Gaming Community

However, the gaming community on Reddit came to the rescue, as members flooded the comments with supportive advice and tools to assist the player. Some users even pointed out the possibility of finding communities that would team up with them, understanding that League has a steep learning curve.

Others advised the player to consider muting everyone during the game, treating them like bots and playing their game their way. Despite the game's developers taking steps to reduce the game's toxicity, it's clear the game still has a significant number of players who defy that objective.

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