Riot Games Gains Commendation for Mythic Item System Changes in League of Legends Season 14

In the upcoming season of the popular MOBA game, League of Legends, Riot Games, the developers, revealed plans for significant modifications to the Mythic item system. The alteration received much applause from players, anticipating the forthcoming changes.

Riot Games Receives Praise for Planned Modifications to the Mythic Item System in League of Legends Season 14

The 13th season of the global sensation, League of Legends, is gradually coming to an end. As it approaches its conclusion, the developers have shared some of the amendments that are in store for the upcoming season. This includes a significant modification to the Mythic item system, which will be eradicated from the game once Season 14 kicks off.

The Mythic items were initiated into the game during the 11th season. The rationale behind their design was to augment a champion's powers. Every player was allowed a maximum of one Mythic item per game, which could heavily influence how a champion might be employed during the match.

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Mythic Items Redesign in Season 14

All these provisions regarding the Mythic items will be discarded in Season 14. The developers have declared the total removal of the Mythic status of all items, planning to simplify them across the spectrum. Despite the significant overhaul, the player base seems quite content with the developers' direction, commending it as a 'return to form'.

Riot Games Gains Commendation for Mythic Item System Changes in League of Legends Season 14 ImageAlt

One particular statement praising Riot's blog post highlighted how the modifications would 'lessen the kit-warping nature of the items and simplify them to be more straightforward stat sticks'. This comment was widely appreciated as it would restore League's essence: the interaction of Champion kits with each other.

Developers' blog reveals complete removal of Mythics

Riot Games shared in a recent blog that Mythics items will be completely removed from League of Legends. All current Mythic items will be downgraded to Legendary status and their stats will be nerfed accordingly.

The developers also announced that all items in the League will be modified to have a maximum of 3 stats in total, further simplifying the system.

Many League players were enthusiastic about this planned change as they felt that the game had moved away from focusing on champions and had become more item-centric.

Players react to upcoming changes

One player commented, 'Cautiously optimistic. I think it'll take until mid-season to tune back in decently though.' Another player humorously stated, 'A return to what League is truly about: Champion kits and the date they were released.'

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With the preseason for Season 14 still some time away, it remains to be seen how Riot Games implements the changes. However, sweeping changes like these are sure to shake up the 14-year-old MOBA in the coming season.