Caps: The Greatest Player in European League of Legends

With his tenth title win, Caps further cements his legacy as the most successful player in the European League of Legends.Profile: Rasmus 'Caps' Winther

Caps: The Greatest of All Time in European League of Legends

Caps, also known as Rasmus Winther, has long been viewed as the greatest of all time (GOAT) when it comes to European League of Legends. Following his tenth domestic title win, any contention against his standing as Europe's best ever player has been put to rest.

A League of His Own

Though the exact form that Caps brings to each game may vary, there’s no denying that he truly stands a head above every other mid laner in Europe, even on his off days. Few players have been able to replicate his highs and considering that 2019 G2 is the only Western team to win an international title in the modern era of League of Legends, it’s hard to argue against Caps being the greatest LEC player of all time.

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Cementing His Legacy

Adding onto his achievements, Caps' tenth title win at the LEC Season Final has not only given him a new record within the region but also further cemented his legacy. The LEC has seen many great League of Legends players, but Caps stands out among them. He has outlived every other LEC great by a wide margin and has continuously maintained an incredibly high level of performance, either being the best or second best mid laner in the region at almost all times for the past several years.

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Global Recognition

In addition to domestic success, Caps’ achievements have been recognized globally, matching those of renowned player Faker. With a diverse champion pool and the ability to adapt to new metas as they emerge, Caps managed to stay relevant for years and his consistent efforts have paid off. He has become the face of G2 and has been instrumental in defining the very best moments in the organization’s history.

The Elusive World Title

Despite his many accolades, a Worlds title remains elusive; however, it's something G2 will surely be striving for. G2 had a difficult run at MSI 2023, therefore they’ll need to step up their game to make their mark internationally.