Riot Games Announces Co-streaming Options for Upcoming League of Legends World Championship

More details about co-streaming options for the League of Legends World Championship are revealed by Riot Games.

Riot Games shares details on co-streaming for League of Legends World Championship

Riot Games has unveiled specific details regarding the co-streaming options for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship. Several co-streamers worldwide will have the opportunity to broadcast the Worlds 2023 matches throughout the duration of the tournament.

Co-streaming at Worlds 2023

The anticipation for the Worlds 2023 continues to escalate as Riot Games has disclosed how viewers would follow the action during the five-week-long tournament.

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Around 50 streamers will be invited to co-stream matches, providing an alternative to viewers yearning for a unique, relaxed viewing experience as compared to the official broadcast.

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The Selection Process

Riot Games has explained that the Worlds co-streaming programme will extend invitation-only, while ensuring that the chosen streamers will signify a representation of 'the regions and languages of our community around the globe.' The selection process, conducted by Riot's local teams, remains vague - albeit it is guaranteed the approved streamers will alternate throughout the event. Riot Games has also encouraged the teams that have qualified for Worlds 2023 to utilize their content creators to co-stream the games.

The gaming community anticipates the news, particularly the aftermath of the scanty co-streaming programme of last year's Worlds which was restricted to merely five streamers unassociated with the game.

The caster and admired content creator Marc Robert 'Caedrel' Lamont was amongst the numerous community figures who publicly voiced objections at Riot for their scrutiny regarding the selection of co-streamers.

Past Success with Co-streaming

Earlier this year, Riot allowed over 30 streamers to co-stream games during MSI 2023. The initiative drew immense success, making it the most viewed MSI in history with over 61 million hours watched and a record high near 2.3 million viewers, according to the data analysis company Esports Charts.

The Championship Schedule

Worlds 2023 is set to happen between October 10 and November 19 across four venues in Seoul and Busan. The tournament will begin with eight teams in the Play-In Stage as they compete for two slots in the Swiss Stage, where 14 seeded teams await.

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