Nautical Passion Inspires Gangplank’s Ultimate in Upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set

Teamfight Tactics lead designer shares the behind-the-scenes inspiration for Gangplank’s surprising ultimate skill in the game’s upcoming Set 9.5.

Set 9.5, Horizonbound, for Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is soon to launch its popular middle-set, Horizonbound, for Runeterra Reforged in the 13.18 update scheduled to release on 13 September 2023. This exciting release will give players the opportunity to explore two new regions and engage with new units, traits, and items.

New Features & Highlights: Bilgewater

Among the wide range of new features, one region stands out - the swashbuckling city of Bilgewater. Bilgewater uniquely combines the worlds of pirates and bilge rats and introduces a new vertical trait. The undisputed leader of this motley crew is none other than the notorious Gangplank.

Gangplank: A 5-cost Unit

Gangplank, as a 5-cost unit, brings a devastating ship attack as his ultimate skill. This attack crashes into enemies, combining both damage and an inspiring rally to allies. Many players have been impressed by the practicality and coolness of this ability, all without knowing the humble origins of its creation.

Much like other 5-cost units, Gangplank's abilities are designed to greatly influence the course of a battle. His unique flexibility allows him to be played as both a frontline and backline unit. His ultimate skill calls forth the Dreadway, a ship which crashes into enemies and also bestows a buff on any allies it passes through.

Behind-The-Scenes: The Making of Gangplank's Ability

This fantastical ability has raised eyebrows and questions amongst players. However, it was simply the product of a developer’s passion for nautical activities. Mortdog, the lead developer of TFT, later confirmed that the ship-themed skill was inspired by Sam, the set lead, who was at the time participating in sailing lessons.

On this, Mortdog explained, 'The actual story is that Sam, our set lead, was taking sailing lessons, and he was like ‘I want to add a boat.’ That’s how we ended up with this skill.'

This surprising revelation adds a touch of reality and fun to the new set, Horizonbound. Fans can anticipate this set to go live in the patch 13.18 update.