League Community Stirred by Champion Briar's Unusual Character Feature

The discussion around the new League of Legends champion, Briar, has been dominated by an unexpected topic - her feet. Despite the debate continuing even after her full reveal, the developers have surprisingly embraced this unusual focus.

Briar's Foot Debacle: A new champion sparks a debate in League of Legends Community

Briar, a new addition to the League of Legends champions roster, sparked a surging debate within the gaming community concerning a peculiar focus on her feet. Since her official reveal, the talk around Briar's feet has eclipsed other aspects of the character, beginning with her leaked splash art and persisting even afterward.

Highlights of the Debates

Notably, the debate was further fanned by the developers' acknowledgment of Briar's feet. In an unexpected move, they drew attention to it in an explanatory text about her concept art, highlighting it as an integral element of her character design.

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The persistent fascination with Briar's feet isn't an isolated incident in the gaming sphere where such peculiarities often draw intense discussions. The trend of banning streamers for showing feet on Twitch and the discussions around Juri's feet in Street Fighter 6 testify to it.

League Community Stirred by Champion Briar

Implications on Future Discussions

As far as Briar goes, the foot discussion has remained strong even after her full character reveal. In fact, a related developer blog emphasizing her feet as a core part of her character design only served to fuel the ongoing talks.

More Intricacies of Briar's Character Design

Insights from the developers detailed Briar's character design intricacies. It described how her face and expressive feet reflect her eagerness and excitement alongside her trepidation about entering the human world. Her hands, however, restrained at the wrists, depicted an inner yearning. Players noted the practicality of this design choice, arguing that similar to using hands for expression, Briar uses her feet, given her tied-up state.

Community Reaction

Amidst the conversation, some players turned their attention towards what they consider as lacking development and lore for other characters, calling out the developers with comments like, 'Briar's feet have more lore than Shaco.'

Interestingly, the main League of Legends' account seemed to tiptoe around the foot-related discussions while the French account embraced the dialogue briefly by setting her feet as their Twitter header, only to revert it back a day after.


Given the standoff between developers and social media accounts, and their varying treatment of the foot-focused discussions, it appears the narrative around Briar's feet will remain a primary topic for the foreseeable future.

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