Curiosities Around Vel'Koz, The Lore in League of Legends

A deep dive into the debate regarding Vel'Koz, a character in the game League of Legends, and the misconceptions surrounding his true origin.


If you're an eager follower of League of Legends, you may have heard about the enigma surrounding the character Vel'Koz. It's easy to get caught up in preconceptions or misunderstandings about the champion, but let’s take the time to understand truly where this character originated.

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A rioter in the game named RiotHarrow stated that Vel'Koz comes from ground we've not yet tackled before. This mislead many to surmise that the character emanates from either the void or another world entirely.

Curiosities Around Vel

However, the concept artist behind Vel'Koz, LoomingHover, revealed that the champion wasn’t created as a void creature but was from a new origin. So, what's the truth?

Type of Champion: Abilities and Perception

Vel'Koz’s abilities, such as his disintegration ray and optical beam, could support theories that he is a void creature due to their otherworldly nature. Moreover, his alien-like appearance fuels such assumptions.

The game community recognized him as a void champion because of these characteristics, while some made claims that he could possibly be from another dimension. The ambiguous descriptions of his identity added fuel to these speculations.

However, at the heart of it, a champion's abilities and appearance don’t always reflect their origin, which is why we must analyze closer.

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LoomingHover has indeed admitted that he needed more creativity when it came to designing void creatures. However, that does not confirm Vel’Koz as a void champion.

Examining The Official Teaser

The official teaser for Vel'Koz featured a barren landscape, suggesting some otherworldly setting. It summoned a vivid picture of an unknown land, though it's not necessarily a hint about his origin.

In reality, teasers rarely reveal much about a character's background. They’re created to generate interest and present the unique style of the champion. However, they are seldom indicative of the champion’s origin.

This scenario is analogous to real-world marketing where commercials entice the audience with captivating visuals, even if they don't directly relate to the product's source.

So, it’s likely that Vel'Koz’s teaser doesn’t provide any concrete evidence about his real origins either.

The Role of the Concept Artist

LoomingHover, the concept artist behind Vel'Koz, played a significant role in its creation. He has the freedom to design characters however he wishes and isn't restricted to observe the existing characters’ categories.

Over time, the artist felt he needed more creativity when it came to void creatures. Therefore, he began experimenting with different designs which ultimately gave birth to Vel'Koz.

While this wouldn’t directly confirm Vel'Koz origin, it does show that the artist had a vision out of the conventional scope. This, in turn, might explain why Vel'Koz doesn’t seamlessly fit into the pre-defined classes of champions.

However, it is also important to note that while artists have creative independence, the ultimate decision regarding a champion’s lore rests with the narrative team.

Carting A New Path: A Robust Narrative for Vel'Koz

In exhibiting resourcefulness and flamboyancy with Vel'Koz’s design, LoomingHover, successfully constructed a champion with a robust narrative that bends the dynamics of the discussion about its origin.

Gone are the days of shortsighted ideations relying solely on existing game lore. Vel'Koz is a shining example of how the LoL universe is ever-expanding and evolving.

Contrary to widespread belief, Vel'Koz is not a creature of the void or another planet, but a product of creativity that doesn’t fit into a pre-existing category. Instead, it ventures into fresh territories adding richness to the game’s lore.

Therefore, we must approach character stories in LoL with an open mind and stay privy to the possibility of ground-breaking new origins, like that of Vel’Koz.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, debates and speculations about the origin of the champion Vel'Koz highlight the intricacies of game lore development. They urge players to think beyond the conventional game categories.

The character of Vel'Koz stands as a testament to the depth and breadth of the League of Legends universe. It shows us that an enigmatic character can help deepen the narrative development and maintain freshness within the gaming world.

By shedding misconceptions and embracing the unique storylines that LoL offers, we can appreciate the artistry and the immense dedication involved in character creation.

Even as the uncertainties surrounding Vel'Koz persist, one thing remains constant - the undying interest and enthusiasm it generates among hardcore LoL fans across the globe.