Hweil's necessary remodeling in League of Legends

A discussion on the need for a revamp of the champion, Hweil, in the popular game League of Legends. This centers around the aspects that make his playstyle challenging and less preferable, accompanied by proposed solutions.

Introductory Overview

League of Legends, the multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games, offers an array of characters, or champions as they are referred to, each with unique abilities and play styles. However, one of these champions, Hweil, has come into question regarding his effectiveness and viability within the game. An analysis of this champion, as well as a discussion on possible reworks, will be presented.

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The Current State of Hweil


Hweil’s current state turns players away due to the champion’s difficulties. His damage output is quite low, resulting in tougher battles against enemy champions and making him less likely to make significant impacts during games. Additionally, his ability mechanics are quite challenging. The learning curve is high, and even then, their effectiveness is questionable compared to other champions.

Struggling Against Hweil

One issue with Hweil is his early game presence. His abilities are weak in the early stages of the game, resulting in a disadvantageous position for his team. This puts additional pressure on Hweil players to outperform and outmanoeuvre the enemy in the later stages, which is a tall order.

Unappealing Character Design

Another drawback to Hweil is his aesthetic. The design of a champion can dramatically affect player preference and how well they resonate with audiences. Unfortunately, Hweil’s design isn’t favorable to many players, causing them to choose other champions instead.

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Contribution in Team Fights

Moreover, Hweil’s ability to contribute to team fights is lacking dramatically. Given his low damage output, opponents can ignore him typically, making it almost impossible for Hweil to break the enemy’s formation or turn the tide of a team fight. This lack of threat or impact from a champion isn’t favorable in team composition.

Consistency in Gameplay

Also, Hweil’s play style lacks consistency. His abilities and game mechanics make him a difficult champion to master and even harder to play successfully. A significant part of this problem may lie in his challenging mechanics and low damage output. For players seeking a reliable champion, Hweil might not be the ideal choice.

Late-Game Potential

Despite his disadvantages, Hweil does have a strong late-game potential. His abilities scale well into the later stages of a match, transforming him into a formidable threat. However, reaching this stage often requires the player to survive through the early, difficult stages And that isn't always an easy task.

Solo Play versus Team Play

Another aspect to consider is Hweil's aptitude in solo plays compared to team fights. In solo skirmishes, he can hold his own from mid to late game. However, his contribution to team fights is questionable because of his low damage output.

The Pros of Reworking Hweil

An improvement could be extremely beneficial to Hweil's gameplay. Reworking his abilities can make them easier to use, more potent, or better suited to the player's strategies. This would significantly alter how he is perceived in the game and the gamers' choice of champion.

Enhancing Damage Output

A suggested solution to Hweil’s problems would involve increasing his damage output. Adding power to his abilities can make him a more viable option in games. Not only would this attract more players to give Hweil a try, but it would also boost his overall effectiveness in matches.

Skill Mechanics Review

Another aspect of Hweil that needs addressing is his ability mechanics. If reworked to be less complicated, it would flatten the learning curve significantly, possibly opening the doors for more potential players. This would be a significant change, enabling his playstyle to appeal to a broader audience.

Design Overhaul

A new visualization and aesthetic design could also make sense. An appealing look could encourage more players to become acquainted with Hweil. A mere change in color palette, armor, or overall appearance could make a world of difference.

The Effect of a Redesign

Change doesn't only occur in visual terms. A redesign of Hweil’s abilities could change the strategy necessary for his gameplay, making him a desirable pick. This could result in a fresh perspective on how he can be used in team fights and affect the game’s dynamics overall.

The Ideal Reimagination

The perfect reimagining of Hweil would enhance his abilities, appeal, and overall effectiveness, turning him into a well-rounded and attractive champion pick. Whether through ability tweaks, damage buffs, design changes, or a mix of all, the rework could transform Hweil into a champion desired by many.

Reworking as an Opportunity

A thorough rework can breathe new life into a character and can be a great way to re-introduce Hweil to players. The goal isn't to make him powerful but to make Hweil a balanced, fun, and viable pick for players.

Assessing the Opposition to Change

While these reworks may sound appealing, it's worth noting that some players are quite comfortable with Hweil as he is. The character has developed a small, dedicated fan base that has mastered his difficult play style. These changes could potentially alienate this group and erase the appeal of Hweil for them.

Conclusion: The Necessity of Change

In conclusion, while there are arguments for maintaining Hweil’s current state, the larger consensus across the community is that he'd benefit from a rework. A few well-placed tweaks here and there would not only bring in new players but might also keep the old ones interested. This could be the change that Hweil needs to become a better champion and fare better in the game's ecosystem.

Hope for the Future

In the end, the hope is that Riot Games will take into consideration the concerns raised about Hweil and implement necessary changes. A remodeled Hweil would not only add intrigue and freshness to the game but also demonstrate the publisher's willingness to adapt and fine-tune for a better gaming experience and to improve the overall balance.