Fnatic’s Pro League of Legends Player Wunder Might Switch to LCS

Top laner Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen from Fnatic hints at a potential move to the League of Legends Championship Series and identifies a team he might join.

Top laner Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen from Fnatic has hinted at the possibility of moving to the League of Legends Championship Series next year, and even singles out one team he could consider joining.

The experienced Danish player is presently evaluating his options for the 2024 season after spending a majority of this season benched.

Wunder to Temporarily Step In for Injured G2 Esports Player
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Despite being sidelined for six months, Wunder marked his return to the field at the end of last month by stepping in for Óscar ‘Oscarinin’ Muñoz, who was dealing with a hand injury. Wunder showcased his skills and experience by helping his team secure a spot in Worlds 2023 and reaching the grand final of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Season Finals.

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Wunder's Desire to Remain in the LEC and Potential Consideration for LCS

While discussing his future, Wunder stated that his main aim is to remain in the LEC, but he isn't eliminating the possibility of transferring to LCS provided he gets an offer from a top-tier team. He even indicated that Cloud9 is one team he may consider joining.

"I'm not going to limit my options," he said of remaining in the LEC. "I’m of the belief there are only certain NA teams worth joining, and C9 would be one of them."

He stated that he perceives the top-tier North America (NA) teams as sharing cultures with certain European squads. However, he noted that joining a non-top NA team would be a last resort if he received no other offers, but for now, he hopes to receive some good offers.

Wunder's Experience and Legacy

Regarded as one of the most seasoned top laners in Europe, Wunder is one among the few Western players with an international title. He was part of the G2 squad that clinched the victory at the Mid-Season Invitational in 2019.

From G2 to Fnatic

After a four-year tenure with G2, Wunder switched to Fnatic to replace Adam ‘Adam’ Maanane, changing the top lane setup. In his first year in black and orange, Fnatic placed third in both LEC splits and advanced to the group stage at the Worlds. However, their start to 2023 was bumpy, placing ninth in the Winter split, which led to his benching.

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