Critics of New League of Legends Mythic Variant Skin

The introduction of a new Mythic Variant skin in League of Legends sparks backlash from the gaming community. Here's a closer look at the recent events.

The League of Legends community is vocal in expressing discontent over the planned introduction of new cosmetic high-end Mythic Variant skin. These are not mere novelties, as they had already attracted a significant amount of negative feedback prior to this revelation.

Recent times have seen players of the famous game, League of Legends, growing increasingly disenchanted with the developers, Riot. The cause? The perceived low quality of skins being offered at sky-high prices. Among the recent offerings, two skins have been singled out for criticism: The ultimate Soul Fighter Samira skin, and the new Mythic Variant Dark Erasure Jhin skin.

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The aforementioned Mythic Variants are a recent introduction in the world of League of Legends. These are high-end cosmetics much similar to Mythic Chromas offering a variety to the skin. They provide gamers with enhanced visual effects and model changes - an offer that sounds great in theory. However, both the pricing and the 'gacha' method of acquiring these skins have not resonated well with the players.

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Adding to the ongoing controversy, another Mythic Variant is set to be launched. This time, the spotlight is on the Breakout True Damage Ekko, the second Mythic Variant of its kind. This new version boasts fresh visuals, music, and models. However, the unchanged method of procuring it—the criticized gacha system—continues to be a bone of contention amongst the players.

Community Responses to the New Mythic Variant Skin

An influential YouTube content creator who specializes in League of Legends skins, SkinSpotlight, provided a damning review. The YouTuber's critique was so scathing it resulted in the title 'Mythic Scam' – a reference to the new variants.

In response to growing criticism, Riot published a blog post. The intention seemed to be defusing the situation and advocating for the latest skin. Titled 'Breakout True Damage Ekko', the developers claimed to have put in more effort to make this variant distinctively different from 'True Damage Ekko'. Despite these efforts, the move was seen as highly unnecessary by the already discontented players.

Amongst the varied response from the community, utter disappointment dominated. One gamer expressed their frustration with a rather melancholic note, suggesting that the player base was defeated due to some players, whom they referred to as 'whales,' purchasing the high-priced skins.

Another player's reaction advised their fellow gamers to stop allowing themselves to be tricked over chromas—an aspect of the game wherein players can recolor their characters' outfits.

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It remains uncertain whether Riot plans to introduce more Mythic Variants in the future. However, with the mounting discontent among the gaming community, Riot may need to consider revising its strategy before offering any new market products.