Lead TFT dev reveals how to attain 4-star Heimerdinger in Set 9.5

Players learn how to bring back the 4-star version of Heimerdinger in the mid-set update of Teamfight Tactics.Teamfight Tactics Mid-Set Update

Teamfight Tactics Mid-Set Update


Riot’s popular auto chess title Teamfight Tactics has just hit its mid-set for Runeterra Reforged. The mid-set update for Set 9 reworks a bunch of items and introduces new traits and units whilst removing some of the old ones.

Removed Traits and Units

Yordle, Shadow Isle, and Deadeyes were removed in the 9.5 mid-set, making way for traits like Vanquisher and Bilgewater in their stead. Yordle was one of the more underutilized traits of Set 9, primarily focusing on rerolling the lower-cost units to turbo-boost their power. If a player managed to 3-star 3 of their units, their strongest Yordle would become a 4-star unit, increasing their power and adding a bonus to their ability. The trait only ever saw play near the start of the set and was never touched much beyond that.

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The Easter Egg

Now that it’s been removed with Set 9.5, the ability to make a 4-star unit has been completely removed from the game, or so players had thought. Fortunately, the developers of TFT took it upon themselves to add a neat easter egg to hunt for. Players are still able to gain a 4-star Heimerdinger in Set 9.5, despite the trait being removed. Heimerdinger is a 5-cost unit, who comes with his very own turret that fights alongside him. 4-star Heimerdinger would unleash a torrent of electric grenades, essentially one-shotting the entire enemy board at the start of the round, making it an instant first.

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Unlocking the Easter Egg

Many players were curious as to how they could still attain the elusive 4-star Heimerdinger in Set 9.5. Without the conditions clearly laid out, investigative players began testing several theories. Some thought that you’d need to have 3 3-starred units in order for the condition to proc, but so far no answer was correct. The lead designer of Teamfight Tactics Mortdog swung into the rescue, however, explaining to players the conditions needed for a 4-star Heimerdinger. Players would need to 3-star both their Poppy and Heimerdinger, meaning players will have to actively look for both units if they wish to see the 4-star inventor once more. This is an incredibly difficult feat, as Poppy is a 1 cost and Heimerdinger is a 5 cost. However, if you’re able to do so you’re rewarded with an insanely rare easter egg that’s sure to have the rest of the lobby applauding.