Commentary on Shojin Buffs: Challenge in Facing Energized Udyr and Jax

Analyst Phreak offers his insights on the effect of Shojin buffs on gameplay, particularly when up against heroes like Udyr and Jax.

Gameplay Analyst Phreak's Perspective on Shojin Buffs in League of Legends

Gameplay analyst Phreak recently shared his perspective on the Shojin buffs in online multiplayer game, League of Legends. One major impact he noted was on fighting against characters such as Udyr and Jax, renowned for their toughness and damage capacity.

Challenging Encounters with Buffed Characters

Phreak gave his opinions on the challenging experience of encountering these characters with the adjusted Shojin item. He acknowledged the significant difficulty, saying it "feels get beat up more by Udyr and Jax." This indicates how the buffed item has boosted the strengths of already strong characters, potentially affecting the game balance.

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The Impact of the Shojin Buff on Gameplay

The analyst continued to assert that these two game personas are difficult to deal with when they have the Shojin buff. He especially emphasized that playing against them is quite strenuous when they get visibly energized from the buff. The energized state enables them to launch more attacks in less time, making them even more dangerous.

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Possible Counter Strategies

However, Phreak also pointed out the possible counter strategies. One way he suggested to cope with this increased strength is to slow them down, strip them of their armor or force them to use Summoner's Heal. This implies the need for players to adjust their tactics accordingly to deal with the increased threat.

Coping with Enhanced Characters

Enduring the constant beatdowns from these enhanced characters can be frustrating for players. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that adjustments and rebalancing are a part of the evolving game. It challenges players to adapt to the new conditions and strategies, ultimately enhancing their skills and gaming experience.