Yuumi Players in League of Legends Baffled by Recent AFK Update

The recent update to the AFK system in the popular game, League of Legends, has left Yuumi players confused and dismayed.

A Recent Update to League of Legends AFK System: Uproar Among Players

A recent update to the AFK system in League of Legends has bewildered and incited uproar among many players, particularly those supporting the Yuumi in the game. The focal point of the disturbance isn't the riotous buff to Tryndamere or the $200 Erasure Jhin Mythic Skin. It's the introduction of a change to the game's AFK detection system, which is meant to assist players in remaking or rebuking anyone who leaves in the midst of a match.

Unintentional Malfunction in the Newest Change

The newest change, however, might have unintentionally malfunctioned the feature for a certain group of players. A case of this issue was presented by League of Legends YouTuber Vandiril, who revealed that the new AFK system appeared to be functioning smoothly initially, accurately identifying if players went AFK at the beginning or during the game.

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AFK Detection Issue with Cat Support Character, Yuumi

Yet, things shifted when it came to a particular cat support character, Yuumi, often deemed as the AFK support. For some inexplicable reason, Yuumi players essentially got the raw deal, with the new changes considering them AFK even when they were on a champion. Yuumi players, most of the time, are on a champion, and so, this meant that jumping onto their allied champion at the match's beginning would trigger the game to view them as AFK. This then initiates a countdown of a minute and thirty seconds.

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The Consequences and Interim Solution

Once the time elapses, the game deems the Yuumi player as AFK, giving their team the opportunity to remake. If the team proceeds with the remake, the Yuumi player is once again deemed as AFK, thereby losing LP. Riot, the developer of League of Legends, has yet to find a solution to this issue, leaving Yuumi players in a lurch. They have been advised to alternate frequently between being on and off their ally to circumvent this issue.