Long Play Baldur's Gate 3: Discovering New Content after 400 Hours

A deep dive into how seasoned Baldur's Gate 3 players are still finding new areas, creatures, and plot twists to engage with. Unveiling the depth and intricacy of this much-loved RPG.

A seasoned Baldur’s Gate 3 player was astounded after stumbling upon new content in the game, despite already having racked up 400 hours of gameplay time. This astonishment was spurred by the monumental scale and intricate detailing found in this role-playing game (RPG).

Baldur’s Gate 3, known for its sprawling game environment, keeps players engaged through myriad of plot developments and secret features. These easter eggs serve as a reward for those truly dedicated to exploring every nook and cranny that the game has to offer.

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The majority of gamers spend hundreds of hours playing, attempting to uncover the manifold secrets that Baldur’s Gate 3 holds. Despite the extensive gameplay time, most players have managed to uncover only a tiny fraction of the game's rich content.

Long Play Baldur

For one such player, after several hundred hours of gameplay time, came the surprise - the discovery of a previously unencountered feature in the game. This discovery certainly lit up the thrill of exploration yet again in them.

The Unexpected Encounter: Discovering the Unknown after 400 hours

The player shared their surprise on the game’s online discussion group and posted a screenshot of a group of creatures that they had hitherto not come across. This stunning discovery understandably made quite a splash among fellow gamers.

What further amplified the excitement was the caption of the post which read: “400h into the game and found out this…” – clearly signaling the player's astonishment upon making this remarkable discovery.

The specific game part from which the screenshot had been taken was from Act 2. Here, the player managed to reach the top of the Moonrise Towers prior to encountering the formidable Ketheric in an epic showdown.

In the same post, the player expressed their amazement over the discovery, stating: “200h hours of Early Access and 300h of full release, and yet I found out new things. I’m amazed again.” The sense of awe and surprise was palpable and infectious.

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Player Reactions to the New Discovery

Other Baldur’s Gate 3 players were quick to react to the revelation, sharing their own experiences. Some commented about having experienced the same thing on their first try, while others were just discovering this for the first time right along with the original poster.

This revelation brought to the fore the sense of infinite possibilities within the game. One user, feeling overwhelmed by the bout of discoveries, asked, “How many thing can I miss in this game?” Clearly, the game continues to surprise and bewilder players, fueling the intrigue among the gaming community.

Another player brought some comedy to the ensuing discussion on the player forum, sharing a unique detail about the group of creatures, saying, quite amusingly: “You can convince them to eat each other. This game is hilarious.”

Baldur's Gate 3: A Game that Keeps on Giving

This unusual encounter, among countless other secrets hidden throughout the game, highlight the incredible amount of content and replayability Baldur's Gate 3 offers. With every exploration bringing to light something new, the game promises hours upon hours of continuous engagement.

Given these facets, it isn't surprising that Baldur’s Gate 3 has won numerous Game of the Year accolades. The game’s intricate detailing and confluence of new events with every gameplay, attest to why it has been such a hit with gamers the world over.