Trump's Truth Social lost $73M since launching, per new filing. DWAC, the company set to merge with TMTG, revealed the unexpected outcome in a securities filing on Monday.

An in-depth look into the financial aspect and overall performance of Donald Trump's social media platform, Truth Social, since its launch.

Truth Social's Financial Struggles

Truth Social, the social media platform launched by Donald Trump, is under scrutiny due to its reported financial struggles. Audited financial disclosures reveal a below-par performance since its launch, with millions lost in revenue and a steadily declining user base. The high anticipation and hype surrounding the platform weren't enough to sustain stable revenue and user interaction.

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The financial losses are estimated to be in the region of $20 million, coupled with operating expenses exceeding $30 million. Advertising revenue, which is a vital source of income for social media platforms, has also been inconsistent. With the number of users showing a disturbing trend of decline, advertisers might continue to withhold their investments.


The financial issues of Truth Social are a contrast to other big tech firms that enjoy robust financial performances. It is also noteworthy that the typical business model of social platforms thrives on swift user acquisition to attract advertisers, which Truth Social has struggled to maintain.

Despite the financial performance being poor at face value, company representatives have spoken of ambitious plans to turn around the platform's fortunes and make it profitable. They believe that the uniqueness of the product and the brand equity of Trump can get them back on track.

Difficulty Pulling Users

The platform's struggle to maintain a steady influx of users accounts for a significant part of the financial problems observed. Data indicate that upon its launch, Truth Social was one of the most downloaded apps in the US. However, it did not take long for the enthusiasm to wane, with user numbers decreasing rapidly.

The platform has recorded a decrease from over a million daily active users at launch, to fewer than half a million within a short space of time. This represents a dwindling user base, which is arguably the most significant challenge that Truth Social faces. User trends and habits are a crucial determinant of the success of social media platforms, therefore, holding vital importance for the financial health of Truth Social.

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Admittedly, the difficulty in attracting and retaining users should not be surprising. Its competition includes some of the world's most massive and successful social media sites. Considering this backdrop, observers will be keen to see how the platform manages to maintain a sensible share of the market.

Platform representatives claim to be aware of these challenges and are working tirelessly to increase the user base. They believe that with continued outreach and technical improvements, a breakthrough is imminent.

A Bumpy Launch Could Be to Blame

Many analysts attribute the faltering start of Truth Social to its problematic launch. Both technical and logistic issues plagued the platform's rollout, creating numerous hurdles. Glitches, crashes, and long waitlists were common occurrences, as users reported an overall unsatisfactory experience.

Even though the launch was surrounded by immense hype and anticipation, these issues led to some severe problems. For instance, potential users were frustrated and dissuaded from using the platform, which could have contributed to the rapid decrease in user numbers. It was a scenario that required urgent intervention, evident by an apparent sense of urgency in the management.

Company representatives have admitted that the launch wasn't as smooth as they would have liked. However, they assert that they have learned valuable lessons from the experience. Attempts have been made to improve on the launch failures, while the company strives to provide higher quality user experience and customer service.

Despite the problematic launch, the management continues to express optimism. They insist that the platform's performance is still under a reasonable and justifiable control maturation process.

Outlook and Future for Truth Social

Investors can draw mixed conclusions on the future of Truth Social, as the company advocates its future prospects while grappling with the challenges discussed. The management's optimism is fuelled by their belief in the uniqueness of the channel and the brand of Trump.

A critical component of this optimism is the ambitious plans that the management has identified. These include public fundraising to offset the financial losses and the drive to attract more users. Achieving these would indeed represent a significant boost to the platform's hopes of success.

However, the reality of the situation is not as rosy. Challenges abound, and they represent significant hurdles to these ambitions. With the financial performance and the user base in their current states, achieving the management's plans could prove difficult.

Therefore, while it may be too early to write-off Truth Social, a lot hangs on the company's ability to overcome the current challenges. Savvy business acumen and an improved user experience seem to be intricately linked to the platform's future success. With the pressure mounting, the next few months will be a litmus test to the platform's sustainability.