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This article discusses the attributes of the best private browsers, highlighting their major capabilities, advanced features, and security options they present to users.

A vast percentage of internet users are gravitating towards private browsers. The well-documented increase of online threats and data harvesting is a pressing concern. Therefore, having a secure browsing tool that offers privacy protection has become more important than ever. This article reviews some of the best private browsers available.

Tor is a name synonymous with private browsing. Designed for users who super-prioritize their privacy, Tor is effective in masking your identity online. Its unique multi-layer encryption system is key to ensuring that you leave no digital footprint. However, its robust security measures can be a trade-off with browsing speed, which might be a deterrent for some users.

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Brave is another private browser worth mentioning. It provides excellent privacy features and performs better than many browsers in terms of speed. One notable attribute of Brave is its default ad-blocking feature which enhances browsing speed by getting rid of unrequested ads and trackers.

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Epic Browser is designed for the privacy-conscious users. It automatically deletes browsing history and cookies at the end of each session. It also blocks third-party cookies to protect your personal information. This browser has a built-in VPN which provides an extra level of security, while its one-click encryption capability adds another layer of protection.

Firefox focus, a product of Mozilla, is another great private browsing tool. It comes with an added privacy protection measure that blocks a wide range of online trackers. Like its name suggests, Firefox Focus has its primary concentration on privacy which puts it on a par with other top private browsers.

Safari, Apple’s default browser, also offers a competitive private browsing mode. It includes an Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature that helps to block third-party tracking data. Safari ranks highly for its tracking protection measures, which, coupled with its convenience for Apple users, makes it a preferred choice for many.

Waterfox is another browser made with privacy in mind. This browser offers users extensive customization ability and ditches telemetry, giving users full control of their online privacy. Although it’s an offshoot of Firefox, Waterfox surpasses its predecessor with its standout focus on privacy.

Iridium provides a chromium-based private browsing option. With a focus on privacy and speed, this browser ensures that each of your online activities is private, curbs 'phoning home', and offers real-time site data blocking.

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GNU IceCat, a variant of Mozilla Firefox, takes privacy to a new level. It offers LibreJS, a feature that blocks javascript that doesn't respect user freedoms. This feature adds to the browser's commitment to user privacy and makes it one of the favourites among users who prioritize online privacy.

Aloha is a mobile browser designed to ensure maximum user privacy. It features a free, unlimited VPN and ad-block, providing a secure and ad-free browsing experience. It also offers premium features like VR player and additional themes. All these, combined with an easy-to-use interface and fast browsing speed, make Aloha a top choice for mobile users.

InBrowser is another privacy-focused mobile browser. It has exceptional features like no data saving mode, no sign up, and deletes every piece of data when you exit the browser. This browser captures the very essence of privacy and takes it to a new level which makes it a go-to choice for mobile users who want maximum online privacy.

DuckDuckGo takes privacy and simplicity and blends them together into an easy-to-use browser. This browser blocks hidden trackers, forcing sites to use an encrypted connection where available. DuckDuckGo also allows you to scrub your search history, offering complete control and privacy over your online data.

Qwant is a privacy-oriented browser and search engine. It refrains from tracking your searches to deliver targeted ads and doesn't use personal data for its operations. Same as DuckDuckGo, Qwant offers user-friendly privacy.

Ungoogled Chromium is like standard Google Chrome minus the privacy concerns. It does away with all the features of Google Chrome that compromise privacy. Its name, ‘Ungoogled,' is a true representation of its operations as it offers all the upsides of Google Chrome without the downside of data tracking.

Comodo Dragon Browser is another impressive private browser. It features domain validation technology that identifies and segregates superior SSL certificates from inferior ones, a default security feature that protects databases from various kinds of malicious attacks.

Yandex is a private browser designed mainly for Russian users. It warrants user privacy and protects personal data from websites that attempt to collect it without the proper security certificates.

SRWare Iron gives users the best of Google Chrome, minus the privacy issues. It eliminates Google's privacy-compromising features and compliments the downside of chrome, hence offering a private browsing experience.

Dooble is a multi-platform browser that emphasizes privacy and usability. It provides private browsing by default, facilitating a seamless, secure online experience.

Lastly, there's Tutanota, a private email browser. Tutanota is unique as it offers end-to-end encrypted email service, ensuring that your communications are always private and secure.

Selecting the best private browser depends on individual needs and browsing habits. Each browser comes with its distinct strengths in privacy protection and secure browsing features. Depending on your unique combination of needs, one of these is bound to provide the privacy you desire while navigating the web.