Yone’s Gameplay Reviewed by Jankos

Luminous eSports player Jankos provides an analytical account of his experience with the recently introduced champion in the League of Legends - Yone.

When Riot Games introduced a new champion in the universe of the popular multiplayer game League of Legends, players eagerly anticipated how it would enhance the game. The new character, Yone, certainly lives up to expectations. Jankos, the luminary eSports personality and top-tier player of League of Legends, has shared his experience with this new addition. His comprehensive review and insights may offer direction to players on how to leverage Yone’s strengths during gameplay.

Yone's Abilities

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Like any other champion in the game, Yone stands out by virtue of his unique abilities. Jankos considers Yone to be a blend of Yasuo and Zed, with the former's cyclone power and the latter's quick movement skills. This combines to make Yone a two-fold character - a competent swordsman and a deadly spirit.

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Yone’s Q ability, Mortal Steel, allows him to thrust forward for bonus damage or whirl a tornado to inflict considerable damage to opponents. This skill needs to be used strategically which makes it more fascinating to players with profound tactics.

Mastering Yone

Jankos believes that mastering the newly introduced character of Yone demands skill and a solid understanding of the game's mechanics. With his ability to unleash a flurry of quick sword strikes, wearing your opponent down can be advantageous. This is what makes Yone a dominant character in the battlefield.

Jankos mentions the importance of mastering Yone's Spirit Form and Mortal form interchangeably to outmaneuver opponents. He also emphasizes the importance of the right item selection, which can significantly boost Yone's power in the game.

Yone's Ultimate Move - Fate Sealed

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One must not ignore the ultimate ability of Yone, Fate Sealed. This ultimate move allows him to cast a wave of energy, damaging all enemies hit and transporting himself behind the last enemy champion hit. This could turn the tide of a battle in a single motion. Such a powerful ability, however, demands a deeper understanding of timing and opponent psychology.

Adequately implementing Yone's ultimate move means knowing when to show restraint and when to go on the offensive, according to Jankos. Mistiming this move can leave Yone open to attacks, putting him at a significant disadvantage during a skirmish.

Yone's Residence in the Mid Lane

Jankos, in his in-depth reflection, mentions Yone's optimal position as being in the mid lane. With his potent skills and the rapid movement of both his incarnations, he can gain an advantage in the middle of the battlefield. Jankos recommends this position as the farmer role for Yone to ensure a consistency in gold earnings which subsequently aids in item purchasing.

Yone is not only limited to the mid-lane, though. Gifted with his swift movement and high damage abilities, he can be utilized as a side laner too. In the end, it largely depends upon the team’s composition and the tactics they aim to employ.

Counter Plays and Challenging Matchups

Yone, despite his significant strengths, is not immune to counterplays from certain champions in the League of Legends. While mentioning potential counterplays against Yone, Jankos expressed that the likes of Darius and Sett can potentially pose a nightmare to him, owing to their powerful abilities.

On the other hand, some champions can become a breeze for Yone to take down. Yone's ability to do significant damage over time can easily knock out champions with weaker defenses, using his capabilities to deal with squishy targets or mages with low health pools.


Jankos truly values Yone as a versatile and engaging character in League of Legends. The unique blend of abilities along with his versatile positioning make Yone an exciting champion to get hands-on with. His recommendation for mastering Yone, however, indicates that much practice is required for realizing Yone's full potential.

Apart from his abilities and maneuvering style, timing and an understanding of how to tackle counter attacks become crucial in leading the team towards victory with Yone. Jankos emphasizes the importance of swift decision-making and in-depth knowledge of the champions to excel at playing Yone.