Role Rebalance in League of Legends

An in-depth look into the recent balance changes in the popular video game, League of legends, that aim to return champions to their original gameplay roles.

The video game, League of Legends, is experiencing significant modifications in its most recent balance alterations. A handful of champions, including Camille, Karma and Rell, have been specially selected to go through some adjustments. These changes are enacted with the aim of relocating them to the roles they were designed to play.

These heroes had unexpectedly deviated from their default roles due to the compatibility with certain in-game items and effects of recent alterations in the game map. Players caught on to this departure from the norm and started using these characters in different roles outside their established metas, as their primary roles were no longer feasible.

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This trend of coaxing champions out of their normative roles did not last too long though. Riot Games, the developers of the title, have made some changes that aims at counterbalancing this phenomenon, thereby pushing these champions back to their originally intended roles.

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Riot games recently made a pointer towards this in a tweet, giving insights about the incoming patches and several balance changes in the champions. Patch 14.7 will bring pertinent alterations that will send Camille, Karma, and Rell back to their original roles.

Camille’s Modification

Camille’s Hookshot, an ability that she had been exploiting with the Hail of Blades to act as an aggressive support, is being managed. This nerf, in conjunction with a downgrade to Bloodsong and some upgrades to her Precision Protocol, should enable this top-lane hero to return to her primary role which she had moved away from due to the Season 14 map alterations.

Karma’s Restructuring

Karma has emerged as one of the most challenging characters to compete against during Season 14. With the introduction of the item Malignance, Teams having Karma can take advantage of her Ult Qs off cooldown that delivers astonishing amounts of damage. Riot is however addressing this issue and has started toning down Karma’s oppressive dominance and intends to reinforce her ultimate shield so it more aptly disperses amongst her allied comrades, thereby, channeling her back to her supportive roots.

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Rell’s Revisit

Rell’s overly aggressive engagement style had limited her effectiveness as a support. Failure in her engagement would lead to severe repercussions and might even result in losing her lane. Pushing Rell towards the jungle had made her a regular pick in professional game play. This trend is however set to change as Riot is removing her damage to monsters and providing her a buff to her magic resistance. This change is expected to bring her back to her original role.

In conclusion, League of Legends has proven itself as a dynamic arena constantly under the hammer of change. The recent and forthcoming balance changes are a testament to this fact. Whether the reversion of these champions to their original roles will be beneficial to the overall balance of the game, only time will tell. The players and fans are eagerly waiting to see where these changes will lead them in the seasons to come.