League of Legends Players Ask Riot Games to Deliver on Lore Promise

The League of Legends community voices their frustration over broken promises made by developers, Riot Games, regarding lore content in the game.

The Legion of Players and Their Appeal to Riot Games

The legion of players of the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), League of Legends, are imploring its developer, Riot Games, to fulfill a promise related to the game's lore that was made seven months ago.

The Rich Backstory and Lore of Runeterra

With an expansive backstory and rich narrative spanning several individual stories, character interactions, standalone comics, and even a Netflix series, the world of Runeterra, the setting of the game, is thoroughly bathed in lore by its creators. With every new character or 'champion' that is introduced into the game, players have come to expect the developers to enrich the existing narrative and extend the game's lore.

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Growing Player Frustration Over Unfulfilled Promises

Despite this, players are becoming frustrated as they feel that Riot Games has failed to meet the ever-increasing demand for game lore. They express disappointment over a pledge made by the company earlier in the year, which so far remains unfulfilled. In response to this perceived shortcoming, players have been criticizing the developer for ostensibly promising more than they could deliver.

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Furthermore, specific users have highlighted instances where Riot has made explicit promises to improve the lore. Particularly, in a significant post, one user accused the developers of reneging on a seven-month-old pledge to introduce new ways of telling stories within the game. The user continued to state that various aspects of the game's lore that were supposed to have been developed or updated had been canceled or altered.

Criticism Towards Riot's Handling of the Lore

Critics argue that the developers have been over-promising and under-delivering on updates to the game's lore, causing them to believe that the game's narrative is no longer considered crucial by Riot.

Various examples of unfulfilled promises were cited by users; these include the alleged scrapping of planned Announcer Packs and unimplemented 'Satisfaction Changes' for certain player groups. One user accused Riot of passing off the responsibility of lore development to third-party teams instead of handling it internally.

The Importance of Addressing Player Concerns

With the growing discontent among the player base, it may be crucial for Riot to address these concerns promptly or risk further damage to their reputation. However, given the company's ambitious projects in the pipeline, including a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game, fans of the game's lore might have to endure an extended waiting period.