Debate Over a Possible 'League of Legends' Sequel Intensifies

As popular esports title 'League of Legends' begins to show its age, community debates over a possible sequel gain momentum. Opinions are divided on the feasibility of a ground-up rebuild similar to Counter-Strike's recent rejuvenation.

League of Legends: Time for a Sequel?

League of Legends, after over a decade of its existence, is showing signs of age. Consequently, a heated debate is being witnessed within the gaming community over the need for developer Riot Games to create a sequel.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive vs League of Legends

'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' (CS:GO) and League of Legends have long been hailed as two behemoths in the esports arena. Both titles have managed to withstand the rigorous test of time for well over a decade, retaining and even growing their significant player bases. However, their prolonged run also means that they now stand at risk of being outperformed by newer, more technologically advanced titles. Valve, the developer behind CS:GO, responded to this challenge by releasing 'Counter-Strike 2'. This sequel is essentially a more polished version of CS:GO, complete with improved graphics and minor, but meaningful, gameplay tweaks.

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The Need for a Refresh

With the positive reception and subsequent success of Counter-Strike 2, many are now questioning if League of Legends could potentially benefit from a similar ground-up rejuvenation as seen with CS:GO. League of Legends, despite having undergone significant graphical improvements compared to its original 2009 release, is still fundamentally built upon the same game engine. It may have undergone several modifications to stay relevant, but players have long raised concerns over the game's outdated technical foundation, particularly when it comes to the game's client. The game has been plagued by a range of technical issues, some minor and others causing considerable disruptions in professional matches.

Debate Over a Possible

Community Concerns

These challenges have sparked a community-wide discussion, with a number of players asserting that League of Legends deserves a refresh on the scale of Counter-Strike 2. However, they also question the feasibility of such a project, given Riot Games' other commitments. Some players have brought attention to the inherent difficulties in 'refreshing' a game as complex as League of Legends. Others, meanwhile, have defended Riot Games, pointing out the studio's track record of regularly updating the game, its vast array of champions, items and cosmetics and other potential hurdles that could impede a large-scale redevelopment.

The Risks and Challenges

However, there are also concerns that League of Legends could be sitting on a large amount of 'tech debt' (poorly designed code that could eventually cause severe problems) thus leaving the game in a precarious position from a technical standpoint. Opinions may be divided, but the general consensus seems to be that moving forward with a complete overhaul of the game like Counter-Strike 2 is heavily fraught with risks and challenges that Riot Games may not be able to handle at present.