Cloud9's Troubles in LCS 2024

An examination of the historic team Cloud9's struggles in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2024 season.

In the world of North American League of Legends, Cloud9 has built a reputation for their formidable dominance over the years. They started the 2024 LCS season in a position of power, according to numerous forecasts. Unfortunately, they are now hit with a four-match losing streak, an unprecedented incident in their stellar record.

Cloud9 retained their finest players such as Fudge, Blaber, and Berserker for the season. They reinforced their roster with players like Vulcan and jojopyun to fill the necessary roles. Therefore, finishing anywhere but first place would be considered as nothing but a setback for the prestigious organization.

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With the absence of TSM from LCS, Cloud9 is now considered the legacy organization of North American League of Legends. They can boast of owning the most championship titles in comparison with any other organization. Despite these credentials, they find their current season suffering.


The recent changes in their team, which were promising on paper, have not resulted in the strong start they traditionally have. If their game does not undergo a drastic improvement, they are at the precipice of becoming an overhyped ‘super team’ that fails to deliver.

The Struggles of Cloud9 in LCS 2024

Cloud9's dominance in the LCS is well documented. They are known for their consistency in maintaining a table-top position in the League throughout their tenure. However, their 2024 roster is failing to follow suit.

Though they kicked off the season with three wins, they followed it with four consecutive losses. This caused a rapid fall in their LCS rankings. They still have time to rectify their standing, but their start to the season is far from promising.

Despite their losing trend, the team's spirit remains high as evidenced by their players' social media activities. They chose to approach their current predicament with a light heart, a stark contrast to the usual doom and gloom attitude associated with such scenarios. To maintain their position in the League, however, an improvement in gameplay is crucial and urgent.

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Despite the string of losses, this team has showcased some powerful plays that hint at their potential to turn the tables. But alas, their strategic shortcomings at current games put them at a significant disadvantage and prevent their true strength from shining through.

Blaber's Streak Dilemma

A noteworthy turn of events during this losing streak is the negative record set by Blaber. This has been his worst losing streak in a regular season since joining Cloud9. It is a dark spot in his otherwise illustrious career with the organization.

Despite their current dilemma, Cloud9 still has a long fight ahead in the season. Their current performance pales in comparison to their previous records. They will need to make significant strides to claim another domestic title this year.