Behind the Voice: League of Legends’ Qiyana

The influence of voice acting in the success of League of Legends’ characters, with a focus on one character in particular, Qiyana

Voice Acting in Video Games

The voice behind a video game character can be the linchpin that determines how a gamer connects with the character. The voice gives character a sense of identity, depth and relatability. In League of Legends, the voices behind the characters are paramount to the game's success.

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Excellent voice acting not only adds a depth and richness to the scenery, but also lets the player appreciate the character's backstory in greater detail. This is because a character's voice helps bring them to life.

Behind the Voice: League of Legends’ Qiyana ImageAlt

League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, has been monumental in the eSports scene. A significant factor in its success is, no doubt, due to the realistic and engaging characters developed thanks to the work of fantastic voice actors.

Introducing Qiyana and Her Voice

A mascot of the game is Qiyana - the Empress of the Elements. Her character is confident, sassy, and poised with a touch of deadliness. Large part of Qiyana's unforgettable presence on the battlefield is owed to her voice, that exudes just the right blend of vanity and power.

Adding a compelling voice to Qiyana's visually stunning character design crafts a more comprehensive gaming experience. This is the emotional investment in the character that is nurtured by the dynamic synergy between impactful visuals and exceptional voice acting.

The talent behind Qiyana's voice is Montserrat Aguilar. She was tasked with bringing alive a character exuding arrogance, confidence and combat readiness. Her stellar performance has made Qiyana a favourite among many players.

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Montserrat’s voice work with Qiyana plays a significant part in the way players engage with the character. The voice allows players to feel her passion and determination, making her all the more real to them.

The Art of Voice Acting

Montserrat's work in voicing Qiyana truly captures what it means to be a voice actor. It extends beyond merely reading lines. With changes in tone, pace, and emotion, a voice actor can transform a simple phrase into a stunning line.

Montserrat also does a fantastic job in highlighting Qiyana's royalty through her voice. She sweeps the players away with emotion, making them feel as though they are right there in the game.

Moreover, Montserrat contributes to showcasing Qiyana's personality, a significant factor in making her relatable to the players. This aspect of a voice actor's work amplifies Qiyana's impact on the gaming experience.

Finally, the feisty dialogue written for Qiyana is made even more captivating with Montserrat's vocal depth. These lines, delivered with conviction, have become a significant attribute of Qiyana's character.

Influence of Qiyana’s Voice

Montserrat’s effective voiceover has resulted in Qiyana quickly becoming a staple character, recognisable by her voice alone. This fan connection drives the popularity of the game.

A key aspect of League of Legends' appeal is the extensive hero roster with their well-crafted personalities. Each game allows players to experience different characters by voice actors who bring them to life convincingly.

Montserrat's work with Qiyana's character illustrates how the voice of a character can significantly impact a player's decision to continue playing a game. The hard work and talent of the voice actors should be recognised.

As often highlighted by the gaming community, Montserrat's performance with Qiyana is exemplary - contributing greatly to the character's appeal. Her talent and finesse in giving the character a unique vocal identity contributed to the character's standing.


Over time, League of Legends has shown that a good voice actor can make players emotionally connect with the character. In turn, this enhances the game's strength and overall appeal.

Qiyana's voice leaves players feeling charmed and captivated, proof of Montserrat's command over her craft. Her performance has set a high bar for future character developments in League of Legends.

The voice of a character can possibly make or break how players perceive the character. In the case of Qiyana, her voice, meticulously crafted by Montserrat Aguilar, has certainly made her a beloved character of the game.

So, let's appreciate and recognize the talent that goes into breathing life into characters like Qiyana by vocal powerhouses like Montserrat. It's their tireless work that contributes to the characters' identity, taking the gaming experience to another level.