Twitch issues indefinite ban to Fortnite streamer following inappropriate remarks

The streaming platform Twitch has banned Fortnite streamer HydraSZN indefinitely following his inappropriate and controversial remarks during a live broadcast.

On a shocking turn of events, the popular streaming platform, Twitch, has handed out an indefinite ban to the Fortnite streamer coined as HydraSZN, owing to his inappropriate comments during a live broadcast. The involved streamer stirred up controversy earlier this month when he started making outlandish remarks, referring to himself as a “child predator”.

Controversial Jokes and Swift Action

While the gaming community was alarmed to witness such bizarre comments from the streamer, things escalated quickly as HydraSZN's comments made rounds on social media platforms. His inappropriate comments consisted of the streamer joking about “liking kids” and stating, “Oh, I swear to God I do, on my life, I’m a little child predator.”

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Following the public outcry, the said platform took swift action against HydraSZN in the form of an indefinite suspension. A screenshot posted by HydraSZN on August 24 shows that Twitch had permanently banned him because of his content.

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Reaction to the Ban

Unsurprisingly, the suspension left the streamer in distress. However, HydraSZN placed the blame on a member from the community for 'having a vendetta' against him, which could have led to the viral spread of the clip leading to his ban.

“All cause some guy has a vendett '}against me. I wanna quit; nothing goes my way…” he mentioned after the incident. He further added, “I was on my way to partner too. I was so excited for TwitchCon and being partnered. It was a sense of accomplishment. Then a Twitch staff sees his tweet and decides to ban me today. I’m an idiot.”

The Plan Moving Forward

Despite the substantial setback, HydraSZN has decided to continue his streaming career on a platform known as Kick, opting not to shun his dreams of making it big as a streamer.

Unfortunately, this is not the first instance where a Fortnite streamer got into trouble for inappropriate statements or actions. In 2021, Twitch banned a Brazilian streamer after he was arrested for allegedly raping two children.