The Intersect of Fortnite and Nintendo's Super Mario

Exploring the intriguing idea of Fortnite integrating the Super Mario theme, highlighting the consistent absence of Nintendo's games in Fortnite's offerings, and the desire by fans for this concept to materialize.

While Fortnite has gained unprecedented popularity since its introduction, one distinct missing element remains a collaboration with Nintendo -- notably the Super Mario franchise. The result of this void is the increasing clamor amongst gaming enthusiasts, urging Nintendo to reconsider.

With the inception of Fortnite, the in-game store has become a gold mine for Epic Games. Innumerable collaborations allow players to immerse themselves in various universes, bringing their gaming fantasies to reality. Epic Games tapped into this opportunity spectacularly in Chapter 5 Season 1. Characters like rivals-turned-party members Peter Griffin and Ernie the Giant Chicken amped up the fun.

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Following the success of these collaborations, gamers themselves began to propose innovative concepts. Players put forth ideas for incorporating elements from popular games and shows like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Despicable Me, and SpongeBob into Fortnite.

The Intersect of Fortnite and Nintendo

Syncing with this trend, an avid player proposed a Super Mario concept that sparked enthusiasm among Nintendo aficionados. They yearned for the publisher to take this cue and integrate this renowned character into Fortnite.

Nintendo's Absence in the Fortnite Fever

Up until now, Nintendo's presence has noticeably lacked amidst the Fortnite frenzy. In contrast, PlayStation and Xbox have introduced several characters into the game, adding excitement and diversity.

The absence of Nintendo did not deter players from dreaming up Nintendo-inspired concepts. Noteworthy among these is a Super Mario concept from Twitter user JriftJA. The concept fetched considerable attention from the Twitterati.

Developing this concept was no simple feat for JriftJA. The artist included Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Daisy into the ensemble. Each character was fitted with respective Gliders and Backbling. Moreover, the characters and their accessories came with detailed descriptions and references to icons from the Super Mario series, such as the F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine and Toad.

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Reactions to The Super Mario Concept

The incorporation of Ernie the Giant Chicken into Fortnite earlier faced backlash due to the character’s model. Naturally, the Super Mario proposal was met with some criticism. Some pointed out that the artist had to enlarge each character to comply with the Fortnite model.

Nonetheless, the overall response leaned towards excitement. Gamers began to open up about their desire to see other characters from Nintendo, only if the game publisher would comply. One player expressed their wish to see Samus or Link in Fortnite someday. On a lighter note, another player fantasized about Wario joining Fortnite, but only if he could match the proportions of Ernie the Giant Chicken.

Despite these mixed reactions, the Super Mario concept continues to intrigue gaming enthusiasts. If Nintendo views this enthusiastic response positively, it may consider collaborations with Fortnite. The gaming world awaits such a groundbreaking move.