Netflix's One Piece Series Crossover in Fortnite Receives Negative Reception from Players

The recent crossover between Netflix's One Piece series and the popular video game Fortnite has left many players feeling disappointed.

With the release of the latest Netflix series One Piece, there was an unexpected crossover in Fortnite, leading many players to label it as a “Huge L”. Considering Fortnite's record of successful collaborations with prominent anime characters, players held strong opinions regarding this particular addition.

Anime Influence in Fortnite

Anime crossovers in Fortnite have significantly impacted both the gaming and anime communities. These crossovers not only familiarize Fortnite’s audience with new anime episodes, but they also highlight the rising global popularity of the genre.

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The game has recently diversified its content through anime crossovers, introducing renowned characters and powers to its looped island. Over the years, players have spent their V-Bucks on in-game cosmetics based on their preferred anime characters, such as Goku and All Might, and have even tested their abilities.


The One Piece crossover, which has been long anticipated by the anime community, marks the arrival of a Netflix show based on the popular anime, but it was not what players were expecting. This led to a wave of disappointment, with players dubbing the crossover a “Huge L” on social media platforms.

Reasons for Disappointment

The official One Piece Netflix account posted an announcement teaser on September 9, 2023. This showcased a Creative 2.0 map, which brings into Fortnite the seascapes and pirate ships from the anime.

The game variant is 3v3, and players can either make a valiant escape as a Straw Hat pirate or restore harmony to the sea as a Marine, utilizing swords, cannons, or pistols to capture the enemy ship. It was an anticipated event by the players and their disappointment has been felt in the absence of in-game cosmetics similar to past anime collaborations in the game.

Many Fortnite players were disheartened by the news, having hoped for in-game cosmetics and a crossover event akin to other anime collaborations in the game. Multiple ideas for Luffy and Roronoa Zoro skins had been distributed on social media over the years, leading players to expect their release alongside the crossover.

Upon the news release, some Fortnite players expressed their dissatisfaction. One such disheartened fan commented, “Huge L + not what we want”. Another added, “That’s it? That’s the One Piece Collab? THAT WAS JUST A LOUSY ANIME THEMED PIRATE MODE”. One more fan supplemented by saying, “Seen the One Piece Live Action and Ashoka Series, that was a big L to Fortnite taking opportunities.”

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While there have been no further details or rumors regarding an additional One Piece crossover, Fortnite players can explore the island by entering the island code (7374-8187-1871) in-game or adding it to their playlists by visiting the official experience page.