MrBeast Partners with eFuse to Host Accessible Fortnite Tournament

Internet sensation MrBeast and eFuse, in collaboration with renowned influencers and eSports professionals, will host an exclusive Fortnite Tournament – Creator League. Diving into the world of eSports, MrBeast's involvement in the gaming industry just got bigger with this innovative competition.

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, is one of YouTube's biggest creators. Beyond his famous big-budget videos, he has a significant interest in eSports.

MrBeast has previously expressed his desire to acquire a team in the LCS ( League of Legends Championship Series) and has shown interest in entering the NACL (North American Challenger League). However, he has now decided to establish his league, collaborating with several other influential figures in the process.

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In partnership with eFuse, MrBeast and numerous other recognizable names are stepping into the eSports arena with a grand Fortnite tournament. This is all the information so far.

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What is MrBeast's Creator League?

The Creator League is an influencer-led tournament series. This series will feature popular creators captaining individual competitive eSports teams across an array of top-tier titles. The creators will work with their communities on major decisions that will ultimately shape their team's fate.

Who is in MrBeast's Creator League?

The confirmed participants in the Creator League include:

  • Bella Poarch
  • Vinnie Hacker
  • IShowSpeed
  • CDawgVA
  • Clix
  • OTK
  • Optic Gaming (Scump & Hecz)
  • Snapnap

How Does the Creator League Work?

The community pass can be bought by those who wish to support their team of choice, allowing them to compete in an open qualifier tournament. This grants the opportunity to win a place in the League and compete alongside favorite creators. Passholders will also have the right to vote on critical decisions influencing the League’s course. Additionally, they will have opportunities to win exclusive giveaways, acquire merchandise, attend parties, and gain access to a private Discord server.

Passes cost $19.99 and provide holders with the chance to help their favorite creators build their dream team rosters, and much more.

The Creator League has a yearly lineup of tournaments and events with substantial prizes, beginning with Season 1. Season 1 comprises 4 splits, the first of which starts on September 8 and goes till October 5.

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Creator League Season 1 Schedule

The Creator League starts on September 8 with a three-day open qualifier tournament that runs until September 10. On September 13, the creators will host a one-hour live show where they will draft their teams with the assistance of fans who have purchased community passes. The League officially commences on September 19 with its initial competitive Fortnite event.

Where to Watch Creator League

Those interested in the Creator League can watch the tournament on the participating creators' individual Twitch channels as well as on eFuse's official Twitch channel. Watch this space for the latest news concerning the Creator League.