Khanada's Controversial Comments Spark Backlash

A deep dive into the controversy surrounding Fortnite pro player Khanada, who faced backlash from the global esports community for his comments about European competitors in the FNCS Global Championship 2023.

An uproar recently erupted in the esports landscape when Fortnite pro player Khanada courted controversy with remarks about his European competitors during the FNCS Global Championship 2023. The remarks, made on his live stream, provoked strong reactions from the esports community.

The esports circuit is replete with exceptionally talented players. Standing out among them is Khanada, a central figure in the vibrant Fortnite professional scene. His dexterity and unwavering dedication have earned him recognition amongst the top pros. Coupled with his engaging stream content, Khanada garnered significant following.

Improving in Fortnite
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Beloved by his spectators for his tenacity, he has made a name for himself by consistently delivering top-tier performances in the highly competitive Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) tournaments. His knack for securing high ranks and bringing home victories in several seasons further emphasizes his competitiveness.


Recently, Khanada and his duo, Ajerss, participated in the FNCS Global Championship 2023. They placed 18th and bagged a winning prize of $30,000, adding another feather to his hat. However, it was his live stream post the tournament that caused quite a stir.

His live stream following the FNCS 2023 saw him launching a tirade against fans of European player, he took the opportunity to assert that North American players were superior. Consequently, he faced severe backlash from numerous European supporters and fellow pros.

Khanada Stirs Controversy Amongst European Fans

Playing under the banner of the North American esport team Dignitas, Khanada's comments were primarily targeted at supporters of European pro players. His statement was in reaction to the victory of North American players, Cooper and Mero, who took home the trophy for FNCS 2023, placing European pros on the sidelines.

An unfortunate byproduct of his competitive spirit was his choice of words during live stream. He expressed his disdain for European fans, going so far as to accuse them of provoking him. He emphasized that Cooper and Mero comfortably defeated European players by a 60-point difference, telling European fans to acknowledge North America's dominance.

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Furthermore, he addressed top European pros ThomasHD and Malibuca, stating that he had previously outperformed them. He urged fans to stop undermining North American players and refrained them from making derogatory comments about the North American esports scene.

While he made his point, he pulled up the performance statistics of Thomas and Malibuca from the FNCS Global Championship 2023 Finals. The stats revealed disappointing performances from both European pros that further validated his argument.

Backlash from the Esports Community

His contentious statements did not sit well with the esports community. British Fortnite pro player Veno retorted back to Khanada's comments. Alongside him, numerous players expressed their disagreement and discomfort with Khanada's boastful attitude.

The conversation snowballed with players expressing their disapproval. They accused Khanada of inflated arrogance. Some mentioned other European players who they believed could easily outperform North American counterparts. The argument seemed endless, with even fans starting to participate.

Despite the controversy, Khanada's talent and skill in Fortnite are undeniable. Whether his comments were a result of momentary frustration or an honest belief, they resulted in a significant backlash.

If you are interested in more esports news and results of the FNCS Global Championship 2023, refer to the main page for comprehensive coverage and updates. Keep in mind that debates such as these are common in the esports sphere, and fans should focus on being supportive rather than indulging in controversies.