Indefinite Ban for Controversial Fortnite Streamer Over Inappropriate Comments

Known for playing Fortnite, streamer HydraSZN earned an indefinite suspension from Twitch. The decision follows his inappropriate remarks about being a 'child predator' during a live show.

Controversial Broadcasts

Twitch, the popular gaming and live streaming platform, recently uncovered an unfortunate event involving a popular Fortnite streamer named HydraSZN. His controversial comments during gaming sessions and public broadcasts generated a significant amount of shock among viewers. The controversy took off in August, when this particular game streamer began making unsettling and inappropriate jokes, even referring to himself as a 'child predator'. He didn't stop there though, after being defeated in a game, he used an offensive slur against the victorious player. This started a wave of outrage amongst his gaming audience, this reached a peak when he said 'Oh, I swear to God I do, on my life I’m a little child predator.'

Immediate Action

Responding in a swift manner, Twitch took immediate action by issuing an indefinite ban to the streamer, hinting that HydraSZN's gaming streams might never make a comeback on the platform.

Streamer's Response

This ban was confirmed by HydraSZN himself when he shared a screenshot on Twitter on August 24. The shared email from Twitch explained the ban stating that his content included elements that could potentially risk the safety of minors due to his gaming streams. This caused a rejection of his appeal against the ban, leaving the streamer to blame fellow community members for having a 'vendetta' against him. This he alleges has been the reason for the public shaming he has received.

The Future For HydraSZN

Looking to the future, HydraSZN has moved on from the streaming platform deception and moved his gaming profile to another platform, Kick. This move may demonstrate his continued aspiration to make it big as a game streamer. However, his incident remains as a stark reminder to the gaming and streaming community. A similar incident occurred back in 2021, where a Brazilian Fortnite streamer was arrested and faced a Twitch ban following serious child abuse charges.