Fortnite Players Demand 'Old Pass' Completion Feature

Discussion surfaces among Fortnite players around the incorporation of a progressive feature allowing completion of old Battle Passes, akin to that found in Halo Infinite.

There appears to be a rising clamor among the fanbase of the popular video game, Fortnite. A considerable number of players have reportedly been agitating for the game's developers, Epic Games, to introduce a progressive feature found in the game Halo Infinite. This Battle Pass feature allows players to complete old passes they had previously purchased. Fortnite players believe it would add value to the Battle Passes they have invested in.

Since its debut, Fortnite has consistently garnered a passionate community. The game has witnessed numerous significant changes and updates over time, which has only deepened players' connections to the virtual world. Areas of interest for these players often include skins and cosmetics, along with the various items available for purchase within the game.

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Any updates or changes to these elements often spark hot debates among players. Recent instances of these debates include criticism of the Item Shop, with some suggesting that its business model was being negatively impacted by Chapter 5's LEGO collaboration. There were also claims of players being supposedly 'scammed' by Epic Games over the distribution of Rocket League credits.

Fortnite Players Demand

Amid this ongoing discussion, a recent demand has emerged. A player has urged Fortnite's developers to add a feature that enables users to select and finish previously purchased Battle Passes. Their call has since garnered significant support from fellow players.

Old Battle Passes: A Desired Addition

The player who put forward this demand, known by their Fortnite username joeMAMAkim, initiated a discussion with fellow gamers. Their argument centered on the need for players to be allowed to complete previously purchased Battle Passes, even after they had expired at the end of a season.

joeMAMAkim shared their frustrations about being unable to finish several Battle Passes due to circumstances beyond their control, such as illness. The player pointed out that they had paid for the passes and should therefore be able to complete them, particularly when they were often just a few levels away from doing so.

A number of players were sympathetic to joeMAMAkim's argument. Several agreed that Epic Games should provide an option to select an 'active battle pass'. This would allow experience points earned by players to contribute towards the Battle Pass of their choice.

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The discussion took a notable turn when participants highlighted that other games, including Halo Infinite and Call of Duty Mobile, had already incorporated such a feature.

A Resounding Echo in the Gaming Community

The consensus among participants in the discussion was that the introduction of this feature in Fortnite could result in a similar uptick in the game's average player count. Many players felt that this would be due to their appreciation of not being subjected to arbitrary deadlines to complete Battle Passes. This sentiment was succinctly summed up by a player who responded to joeMAMAkim's post, 'How dare those developers respect our time!'

While this discussion continues among Fortnite's player base, the game's developers have made it clear that no changes to current Battle Pass policy are imminent. The Battle Pass for Chapter 5 of Fortnite is set to conclude on March 8, 2024, and players are encouraged to level up and complete it by then to avoid missing out on any skins or cosmetics they desire.

The lively debate among Fortnite players about the potential inclusion of a 'complete old passes' feature illustrates the passion of the game's community. The exchange of views provides a fascinating insight into the way player communities can influence future iterations and updates of games.

The discussion also speaks to the expectations of modern gamers. Today’s players are not just consumers of content, but expect developers to listen and respond to their feedback. With parallel discussions happening in the player communities of other video games, it will be interesting to see if more developers recognize the potential of features like progressive Battle Passes.