Fortnite Boss Donald Mustard Announces Departure from Epic Games

Donald Mustard, leader of Fortnite, announces his retirement from Epic Games after 15 years.

Donald Mustard, a leading figure in Fortnite, is retiring from his position at Epic Games.

Donald Mustard joined Epic Games in 2008 after the publisher acquired the Chair Entertainment studio he co-founded. While Chair earned a reputation for the critically acclaimed Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade titles, it eventually went silent. The studio's last game was the PC and mobile adventure Battle Breakers, issued in 2018.

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By that time, Mustard had shifted into a new role, as he was appointed Chief Creative Officer at Epic.

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In this capacity, the experienced professional helped Epic transform Fortnite into a profitable giant, leading the game’s story development efforts and beyond. Yet Mustard has chosen to retire from that particular role.

Donald Mustard Announces His Departure from Epic

On September 8, Donald Mustard disclosed that he will soon leave Epic Games after serving as Chief Creative Officer (CCO) for seven years. He shared this news through a comprehensive farewell message on his personal Twitter page.

Mustard’s message began with the following: “After an incredible adventure, I will be retiring from my position as Chief Creative Officer at Epic this month.”

In his Fortnite tenure, he expressed: “I am extremely proud of the opportunity I’ve had to help create and shape Fortnite.”

Donald Mustard offered no insight into his career prospects after his official exit from Epic Games. However, it’s evident that he enjoys the unwavering support of admirers, many of whom extended their good wishes in the Twitter thread.

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Content creator DomTheBombDATY congratulated him on his retirement, saying, “Changed the gaming landscape forever; congrats on retiring.” Another message from a supporter read, “Thank you for everything you’ve done for this community, Donald. You will be deeply missed, see you back at the battle bus. Enjoy your time with family.”

Content creator Immature also participated in the farewell chorus. “LEGEND! Appreciate what you have done with Fortnite and excited to see what the next chapter brings!”

Mustard’s announcement comes just two weeks after Fortnite began Chapter 4 Season 4.