Fortnite and TMNT Collaboration Comes Early

Leaked details hint at the much anticipated Fortnite crossover with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to hit the item shop earlier than expected.

A new leak suggests that Fortnite’s highly anticipated collaboration with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be debuting in the item shop a few days earlier than previously anticipated. This news is bound to excite fans of both franchises who have been eagerly waiting for any updates on the collaboration.

The collaboration between beloved game Fortnite and classic comic franchise TMNT first came to light a few months ago. At that time, data miners had discovered file names in the game which hinted at a potential TMNT crossover. Following the recent release of Fortnite’s 28.01 patch, this possibility seemed even more likely.

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Following the release of the patch, leak detectives went through the game files with a fine-tooth comb. They were delighted to discover images of all four Turtles represented in these files. The API in these files also contained dates which suggested users would have the chance to dress up as Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, or Raphael on December 20th.

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However, according to recent leaks, these beloved characters could join Fortnite even sooner. This suggests that the Fortnite x TMNT event will come to fruition earlier than initially expected.

Reliable leaker SpushFNBR recently revealed on social media platform Twitter that the TMNT crossover items will hit the Fortnite item shop on the evening of December 14th. This is an entire week earlier than the previously predicted December 20th, a surprise turn of events that would undoubtedly thrill Fortnite enthusiasts.

These newly added skins are expected to be usable across the board. This means players should be able to utilize their TMNT skins in the Fortnite Festival, LEGO, and Rocket Racing modes. With the addition of the TMNT crossover, Fortnite players will get to enjoy an invigorated Fortnite gaming experience.

Fans will now have to wait to see whether these leaks come to fruition, given that this is not yet official Fortnite news. If this is true, the official announcement for the Fortnite x TMNT is likely not far behind. Gamers are eagerly anticipating any form of official confirmation about this event.

The TMNT collaboration is just one more notable event to round off an impressive year for Fortnite. Prior to this, the video game had already exceeded fan expectations with the launch of Season OG, which let players explore the original Chapter 1 island in Fortnite.

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It will certainly be intriguing to see how the Fortnite team at Epic Games plan to top an eventful year like this one. No doubt, however, that their user base awaits with anticipation whatever stunning surprises they have in store for the new year.