Alien Skins Introduced to Fortnite

Detailed breakdown and guide on how to acquire the newly released Alien franchise characters, Ellen Ripley and Xenomorph in Fortnite Season 5.

Fortnite Season 5 has been delivering surprises weekly. The Alien franchise's arrival came along with the release of the Alien collect’s and the gaming community is still buzzing. The collaboration integrated two iconic characters, Ellen Ripley and Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, to elevate users' gaming experience. Let’s proceed to discuss how you can score these new skins for your Fortnite character.

It’s evident that Fortnite continuously brings exciting additions to the game. Season 5 has steered into collaborations, marking partnerships with multiple popular franchises. The synergy of the gaming platform has allowed crossovers from Tron to AMC’s The Walking Dead and everything in between, bringing additional thrill and versatility to the experience.

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The introduction of new weeks is synonymous with surprises and unexpected perks. Epic has consistently created waves in the gaming world with its constant innovative drive. This time the spotlight is on the distinctive Ellen Ripley and her infamous adversary, the Xenomorph. The addition of these characters from the Alien Franchise has redefined sci-fi gaming within Fortnite.

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Case in point, the introduction of entrancing new skins, complemented with an amusing Chestburser emote. A tasteful combination of thrill and humor that doubles the excitement for gamers. If these have caught your fancy, navigate through this guide to procure the Alien franchise bundle on Fortnite.

Securing the Alien Skins in Fortnite

Ready to dive into the action, but unsure how to secure your favorite skins? It’s simple; like all other Fortnite features, you can find the Alien skins up for grabs in the usual Fortnite item shop. The skins were recently added to the collection on January 5th and the duration of their stay is yet to be disclosed.

The addition of these intriguing characters on the Fortnite platform promises a riveting gaming experience. These characters have successfully replicated the thrill, the ambiance, and the daunting terror of the 1979's Alien classic. Now, players can roam the map as the terrifying Xenomorph or delve into action-filled combat sequences as the fearless Ripley. Choice is yours!

However, that’s not all. The Alien franchise collaboration also includes a comprehensive set of Alien cosmetics. Let's take a glance at the collection. The total set includes:

  • Ellen Ripley Skin
  • Xenomorph Skin
  • Xenomorph Tail Back Bling
  • Xeno Menace (Built-in Emote)
  • Nostromo Crew Outfit
  • Weyland-Yutani Cat Carrier
  • P-500 Power Loader Arm Pickaxe
  • Cheyenne Dropship Glider
  • Burst Case Scenario Emote

The outstanding mix of thrill, nostalgia, and futuristic gameplay contributes to the unique allure of Fortnite. The introduction of such unique features keeps the platform fresh and dynamically engaging for its players. However, keep in mind, Fortnite's item shop is consistently updating. Ensure to bag the Alien set at the earliest before it’s replaced by other impressive additions.

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Finally, make sure to explore our guide on the best Fortnite skins in 2023. Do remember to explore all the offerings that Fortnite has to provide to maximize your in-game experience. Game on!