What frequent combat mistakes do you make?

A deep breakdown of common mistakes that players repeatedly make in the popular game Baldur’s Gate 3

The Unforgiving ‘Quick Load’ Error

It’s common to reflexively hit the ‘Quick Load’ button in the heat of a tense gaming session. Players often hit ‘Quick Load’ without realising it undoes the hard progress they’ve made. This unintentional mistake is distressingly easy to commit in the middle of a fight or strategic move, and it has led to many a player backtracking. The loss of progress can be moderately frustrating and is a common error we all make.

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Mishandling the Dice Roll Mechanism

What frequent combat mistakes do you make? ImageAlt

Baldur’s Gate 3 has an intricate dice roll mechanism that is easy to overlook. This often happens during pivotal decision-making moments, and if you misunderstand or misuse it, the consequences can be huge. It’s a common slip for players to forget that every dice roll in Baldur’s Gate 3 has significant implications for their subsequent journey. It’s a deeply ingrained part of the gameplay, and misunderstanding this aspect can lead to undesirable outcomes.

Overlooking Stealth Opportunities

Stealth is an important aspect of Baldur’s Gate 3. It allows players to bypass certain enemies or tackle them in more strategic ways. However, players tend to forget about stealth, resulting in brawls that could have been avoided. It’s a prime example of the frequent mistakes we make in-game, that could otherwise be handled much more tactically.

Missing Out on Important Items by Accident

There are countless instances where players have unintentionally just glanced past vital items or valuables. It’s easy to miss out on picking up something important in favor of something shiny and tempting right nearby. Be it a critical health potion, crucial storyline clue, or a powerful weapon, overlooking much-needed items is a common mistake.

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Unfamiliarity with Class Abilities

Understanding the abilities unique to each class can be the difference between victory and defeat. Players often fail to utilize these abilities optimally due to unfamiliarity or oversight. Whether it’s under-utilizing a fighter’s battle prowess or a wizard’s spells, poor knowledge of class abilities is often a critical misstep.

Failing to Save Progress Regularly

The struggle of losing game progress is all too real. It becomes painful when gamers forget to save their progress after significant victories or important discoveries. This slip-up is commonly made and prompts a recurring loop of repetition that can detract from the joy of progression in the game.

The Pitfall of Rushing Through

Rushing through the game, hurrying through dialogue, decisions, and fights, can lead to missed opportunities. Patience is often rewarded in Baldur’s Gate 3 and rushing through decreases the overall enjoyment and potentially the outcomes of the game. This often happens when the player is trying to complete the game in the quickest time possible without realizing they might be sacrificing crucial game aspects.

Inadequate Party Balancing

Focusing too much on one character or failing to create a balanced party is another common mistake. Effective party balancing can lead to a diverse skill set, increased damage, and better strategic options. However, players often forget or overlook this, leading to an imbalanced team and subsequent difficult battles.

Not Taking Advantage of Darkvision

Many players are unaware of or forget to leverage the darkvision ability. This ability allows characters to see in darker areas where treasures or enemies may be hiding. Overlooking this ability results in a less detailed and nuanced gameplay, which could be avoided by making regular use of this feature.

Skipping Dialogue

Skipping dialogue can result in missing out on vital information for quests or hints about potential threats. While it might be tempting to skim read or completely bypass NPC dialogue, users often do so at the risk of missing potential insights, thereby heightening the difficulty of their journey.

Underestimating Enemies

Underestimating enemies, swimming headfirst into battles without adequate preparation, can often have dire consequences. Players tend to plunge into conflict without a sound strategy and consider the consequences later. This mistake is common and can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Neglecting Side Quests

Neglecting or rushing through side quests often results in missing out on extra experience points, weaponry, and items. Players frequently ignore these quests due to a lack of apparent immediate rewards, missing out on the said benefits.

Not Understanding the Importance of Initiative

In the heat of action, players often ignore the importance of initiative in combat. This commonly made mistake can be the difference between striking first or being the first to receive damage. The role of initiative in combat is crucial and often overlooked.

Failing to Utilize Equipment and Potions

Effective utilization of equipment and potions can drastically change the tide of battles. Players often forget about the potions and gear they’ve accumulated, resulting in tougher fights and unnecessary losses.

Dismissing Party Interaction Opportunities

Players frequently bypass the opportunities for party interaction due to the perception that they're not as rewarding or essential. This oversight can lead to limited character development and progression, making it a common mistake.

Concentrating exclusively on Combat

While combat might be an essential part of the game, solely focusing on it and neglecting other character improvement aspects is a huge mistake. Players often miss out on exploration and interaction opportunities by prioritizing combat excessively.

Misunderstanding the Jump Mechanism

The Jump mechanism in Baldur’s Gate 3 is more complicated than players often realize, using this at the wrong moment can have serious consequences. Misuse of this function leads to fatal scenarios or missed opportunities, making it a repeated error by players.

Idea that All Choices Have Equal Consequences

Players often assume that all choices have equal outcomes, and forget the domino effects their decisions will have throughout the game. The weight of decisions in Baldur’s Gate 3 can directly affect the entire playthrough, making this assumption a common and impactful mistake.

Underusing the Camp Features

The camping feature is more than just a resting spot. It provides a strategic advantage and can offer character-building opportunities. However, players often ignore this feature, overlooking the potential benefits they could yield.

Assuming Companions Will Always Follow

Relying on the automatic follow function of companions is a common slip-up. Companions will often stop following if they encounter an obstacle or an enemy. Not being aware of this can lead to lone battles and surprising losses.