Unexpected Trigger Causes In-Game Fight in Baldur’s Gate 3

An unforeseen interaction with the game character, Scratch, results in conflict.'Baldur’s Gate 3' Interactions with Scratch

'Baldur’s Gate 3' - An Unexpected Conflict with Scratch

An individual playing 'Baldur’s Gate 3' recently sounded the alarm after an unanticipated interaction with Scratch, a popular in-game character, led to a conflict.

Character Overview: Scratch

Baldur’s Gate 3 hosts a variety of fascinating characters — each with their own deep storylines and sinister motivations, including villains. But among these personalities, the adorably faithful dog, Scratch, definitely stands out.

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Scratch’s Role in the Game

Scratch is introduced to players early in the game. Players are given the chance to invite Scratch to join their camp. Once Scratch is part of the camp, players can choose to treat him with various levels of petting and playtime, which, in turn, unlocks the ability to summon Scratch as a familiar in the game. There is even an achievement players can unlock by playing fetch with Scratch.

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A Sudden Confrontation

However, whilst on a mission to unlock the abovementioned achievement, a player found out the unpleasant way that a simple game of fetch can go horribly wrong. This led to an unwanted confrontation.

Unexpected Hostility

Scratch, as faithful and adorable as it is, also has its limits. One such limit was discovered when the player tried to play a round of fetch with Scratch. The player threw the ball, which accidentally hit Scratch and upset him. This resulted in Scratch becoming temporarily hostile and thereby attacking the player.

Escalation and Fallout

Running out of spell slots, the player could not placate Scratch with an Animal Friendship spell. Not wanting to harm the usually benign Scratch, the player tried to evade the hostile dog only to find out that the rest of their camp companions had also turned against them – apparently standing by Scratch.

The Unfortunate Outcome

In the end, the player had no other choice but to load a previous save point, at the cost of losing an hour and a half's worth of game progress. Although this wasn’t an ideal scenario, it was interesting to see how the rest of the camp was willing to support Scratch.

Lessons Learned

This incident, while unfortunate for the attacked player, is also an example of the depth of character development and relationship dynamics that 'Baldur’s Gate 3' has to offer. One player’s confrontation with Scratch underscored the fact that even in a fantasy world facing a mindflayer invasion, no one wants to see harm come to man’s best friend.

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