Tips for Retaining Karlach and Will in Baldur's Gate 3

A step-by-step guide on how to retain characters Karlach and Will in the epic role-playing game Baldur's Gate 3 after raiding the goblin camp.


The game Baldur's Gate 3, a creation by Larian Studios, offers players a plethora of opportunities to delve into a diverse set of characters' arcs. This article will focus on outlining strategies to retain characters Karlach and Will after conquering the goblin camp.

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Preliminary Necessities

Tips for Retaining Karlach and Will in Baldur

Before delving into the method, players need to ensure certain pre-emptive steps. Firstly, it’s imperative to initiate and recommend Long Rest, an integral gaming mechanism for the characters' recuperation. Keep a close eye on whether Karlach is still in the camp post this step.

The initial approach

Post the preliminary set up; the player should strike a conversation with Auntie Ethel. This interaction is significant as she is the gatekeeper to transforming the gaming dynamics for Karlach and Will. After the conversation, Auntie Ethel will trail the player to the ruined section of the fort.

Combat Maneuvers

Following Auntie Ethel will lead players into a fight. This detour with Auntie Ethel can be intricate; however, deft maneuvering can subdue the ensuing chaos. Players should focus on damaging her miraculously regenerating health rather than finishing her off.

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Retaining Karlach

Alongside combat, players must ensure their attention remains on Karlach. Once Auntie Ethel’s health has been dealt with, turn your gaze upon Karlach. Inform her about Ethel’s departure to trigger a pivotal dialogue about the Absolute.

Dealing with Will

Once Karlach is secured, the next character to focus on is Will. After successfully raiding the goblin camp and rescuing Priestess Gut, meet Will outside the shabby cathedral. The Priestess will offer to remove the tadpole, a task players should politely decline.

Defensive Tactics

Upon declining the Priestess’s offer, a battle ignites. This battle can soon morph into a tricky challenge; therefore, ensuring the right defensive stance is essential. Position your characters in a defensive square and be prepared for uncalled pensions of combat.

After the Battle

Once the shaky battle with a surprising turn of events concludes, the tadpole is unconventionally expelled from Will. Revive any fallen party members post this fight and, subsequently, get some rest.

Dialogue with Volo

After the crucial fight and rest, a rendezvous with the character Volo is necessary. While he’s notorious for creating turmoil, this meeting will pivot the story forward. This leads towards the enchanting Soubar.

Adventures in Soubar

Rivaling the menacing forests of the Sword Coast, Souba, the bedraggled hamlet, provides a fresh set of challenges. In Soubar, engage in dialogue with Lazaria and subsequently call it a day.

Another Conversation

Post this tumultuous day, a vital discussion with Karlach remains. She’ll express her wish to visit the ominous hellish inferno of Avernus for intriguing reasons. This sets up another adventurous enterprise in the sprawling role-playing game.

Locating Will Again

To ensure Will stays with the party, it’s necessary to locate him yet again. After the intense day in Soubar, players will find Will near the chapel on recovering from the tadpole incident.

Strengthening Bonds with Will

Continuing to build camaraderie with Will is essential. Therefore, taking time out to converse with Will about his experience and future prospects in the party is recommended. This could potentially transform party dynamics substantially.

Move on

After engaging with Will, it's now time to move on from the goblin camp. As intriguing as it may seem, it’s essential to not overstay the visit and proceed with the subsequent gaming trajectory.

Follow the Path Ahead

Now, the characters Karlach and Will are safely incorporated into the player’s party, and the thrilling RPG journey can continue. Key experiences such as intricate battles, strategic dialogues, camaraderie building, and tactical decisions continue to enrich the gaming experience.

Keep an Eye Out

Moving ahead in the game, players must persistently stay keen and observant. Retaining characters Karlach and Will involves strategically navigating the game's delicate twists and turns.

Strategic Planning

While the method seems daunting initially, tailoring the gaming plan accordingly can help considerably. Understanding the character's arcs extensively can also influence the retention of these characters effectively.


Upon following these steps, players can master retaining Karlach and Will post the goblin camp raid. This particular gaming strategy enhances the character ensemble’s diversity and depth, enriching the overall gaming experience.