Scratch's Role and Risks in Baldur’s Gate 3

Explore the unique experience that BG3 players can have while interacting with the in-game pet companion, Scratch. However, they must heed the inherent risks of gameplay problematic outcomes.

The interactive world of Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) is teeming with opportunities for immersion, one of which is the chance to invite a nonplayer character pet companion, Scratch, to your camp. This non-human character can be discovered near the Blighted Village and makes for a jovial companion to help lighten up the grim atmospherics of this game.

More than just a furry friend for emotional support, Scratch also offers helpful assistance in the gameplay. For instance, players can engage with Scratch in a classic game of fetch while roaming around camp, bridging the real and virtual world in a heartwarming glimpse of normality. Scratch also exhibits a certain level of resourcefulness, often uncovering items that might be of use to the players. However, it should be noted that Scratch can be quite protective of his findings, often reluctantly giving them up.

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While being an aspect of whimsy in the dark world of BG3, something as benign as a game of fetch can take a grim turn. Scratch's playful behavior can sometimes become rowdy, leading to unintended consequences. Prior incidents suggest that Scratch can turn hostile if accidentally hit with the fetch ball. But, recent occurrences hint at even more severe results.


One such disturbing outcome was reported by a BG3 player. While playing fetch with Scratch, the player unintentionally caused Scratch's aggression by hitting him with the ball. This unfortunate incident escalated rapidly as Scratch started attacking the entire camp. In a shocking turn of events, the other camp members killed Scratch, while the seemingly helpless player watched in horror.

The Hostile Influence on Scratch

The triggering of Scratch's aggression and subsequent death had such a profound impact on the player that they could not hold back their shock. They lamented the loss so much that they couldn't help but let out a yell, alarming their significant other. After reeling from the initial shock, they made the decision to reload the game, even at the cost of losing 45 minutes of gameplay, to ensure Scratch's survival.

This isn't the only instance where a player was presented with such a harsh consequence during their interaction with Scratch. Other BG3 players shared their own tragic experiences of losing Scratch in a similar manner. One player recounted their ordeal of watching Scratch die, saying, 'I was heartbroken because Wyll fireballed my dog before I even knew what was happening. And then everyone went back about their day like nothing happened.'

Another player lamented, 'I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that did this. I was heartbroken, Halsin finished him. Halsin, why??' As these accounts suggest, players have found this particular scenario quite distressing to witness in the game.

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Player Reactions to Scratch's Death

Should players not choose to reload their save as a way of rectifying the situation, they might notice certain reactions from their group towards Scratch's death. 'They actually have dialogue when you throw his ball if he's dead. They range from sad like in Karlach's dialogue to oddly hilarious in Minthara's case,' a player elaborated.

This incident shows that even subtle interactions in the game can have unexpected outcomes, keeping players on their toes and adding an extra layer of realism to the in-game experience. Players who wish for Scratch's continued presence in the game must take extra care while playing fetch with him, showing that even the most innocent of activities can have dire consequences in the dark world of BG3.