Choosing the Best College Roommate from Baldur's Gate 3 Characters

How each character from Baldur's Gate 3 would be as a college roommate, assessing their personalities, habits, and quirks.

College Roommate Scenario: Astarion

Astarion with his charisma and adventurous spirit would make for exciting company. However, Astarion is also a vampire spawn, which may bring a set of challenges. While some might relish the idea of a roommate who functions mainly at night, Astarion’s need to feed on blood might appear unnerving. His sneaky nature might also raise doubts about his trustworthiness.

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Gale: The Ideal Roommate?

Choosing the Best College Roommate from Baldur

Gale, with his love for art, refined tastes, and half-plane origin, might initially seem a good fit for a sophisticated roommate. He is generally peaceful, which can be a positive aspect in a shared living space. Yet, his connection to Netherese magic might manifest in unforeseen dangers. Also, Gale's higher-than-usual consumption of food to sustain his containing a Netherese Orb might stress shared resources.

High Spirited Lae’zel

The Githyanki Warrior, Lae’zel, is another interesting choice. Her direct approach to life could save a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings. The disciplined lifestyle of Lae’zel, arising from her military background, might instill healthy habits in the household. But, her forthright manner may become overwhelming over time, potentially leading to clashes.

Peace Seeking Shadowheart

With her calm demeanor, Shadowheart would be a peaceable presence in the dorm room. However, her secretive inclination might make it difficult to form a cordial roommate relationship. As a cleric, she could aid in any health-related crisis, but her allegiance to Shar also indicates a tendency towards the dark and mysterious.

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Living With Wyll

Wyll might be the most amiable roommate, thanks to his human warrior nature and acquired taste for local brew. Sharing space with a hero like Wyll, celebrated for his exploits against goblins, would be far from boring. Yet, the presence of his powerful patron, The Absolute, might cast a shadow over the collegial living arrangement.

Volo: A Wealth of Knowledge

Having a roommate like Volo, with his knowledge and intriguing tales, seems exciting at first glance. Volo's varied experiences and comprehensive knowledge about Faerun’s creatures could offer a wealth of information. However, his tendency to be pompous and his involvement in dangerous endeavors could become problematic.

Re-examining Astarion

Despite his potential drawbacks, Astarion might have his own set of appealing characteristics as a roommate. His nocturnal habits ensure that you have personal time during the day. His vampiric charm and life experiences might make for entertaining conversations during the long college nights.

Gale Reconsidered

Gale's sophistication and vast knowledge about art and the world make him a pleasant peer to spend time with. His risk factor could be overlooked, owing to his fascinating tales and discussions. Furthermore, Gale's caution for his orb's power might prompt him to foster a peaceful living environment.

Lae’zel: A Roommate of Routines

Lae'zel, despite her potential for confrontations, would be a driving force for discipline and order in her room. Her military-trained lifestyle might rub off on you, promoting habits like early rising and regular physical training. Her forthrightness could also bring honesty into the roommate dynamic.

Understanding Shadowheart

Despite her secretive nature, having Shadowheart as a roommate could foster a calm, peaceful living scenario. Her preference for maintaining her private space and tranquillity might translate into respect for your personal space too. Her cleric skills could also be quite handy during late-night study periods.

Life with Heroic Wyll

Wyll’s tale of heroism might keep campus life entertaining. His public persona might also come with social benefits, including increased popularity. Yet, living with a warrior like Wyll, the risk of danger might sky-rocket. One needs to consider the implications of The Absolute’s influence on him as well.

Volo's Company: A Trade-off

A roommate like Volo, despite the potential for intellectual discussions, might also bring troubles. His adventures often lead to unsought dangers, which could disrupt a peaceful college life. Hence, sharing a room with Volo would be a trade-off between interesting tales and potential disruptions.

The Astarion Factor

Astarion, despite his quirks, may prove to be an enjoyable company. His charm and engaging narratives promise an interesting college life. The nocturnal lifestyle of Astarion might help avoid scheduling clashes, while his vampire status lends a touch of the supernatural.

Gale’s Positive Influence

With Gale as a roommate, sophisticated discussions and tales would be a daily fare. His love for art might turn the dorm room into a charming dwelling. Moreover, Gale's controlled nature might help maintain a peaceful atmosphere, creating a conducive environment for studies.

Discipline and Lae’zel

In the company of Lae’zel, maintaining disciplined routines won’t be an issue. Whether it's getting up early or staying fit, Lae’zel's military background would aid in enforcing these positive habits. Nonetheless, one must adapt to her dominating manner to maintain a harmonious living atmosphere.

Soothing Influence of Shadowheart

Stormheart's inclination towards tranquillity could be therapeutic. Her penchant for privacy could ensure respect for boundaries in a shared living space. However, being aware of her affinity for dark forces would be wise before deciding to share a dwelling with her.

The Perks and Downsides of Wyll’s Company

Wyll’s companion could be a mixed bag with both thrilling advantages and potential dangers. His fame might prove entertaining or troublesome depending on the circumstances. Sharing a room with Wyll, one must constantly bear in mind his connection with the powerful entity, The Absolute.

Volo: An Intellectual Challenge

Volo's companionship could be an academic boon, but with its disadvantages. His intriguing exploits are an intellectual delight. Despite the potential risks associated with his presence, his captivating storytelling and extensive knowledge might tilt the scale in his favor.

A Roommate’s Influence

The characters from Baldur's Gate 3, as hypothetical roommates, have their virtues and flaws. Their diverse backgrounds and exciting experiences could dynamically impact college life. The pros and cons must be weighed carefully considering the influence a roommate has on one's lifestyle, making for a challenging but intriguing choice.