Character Equipment Choices in Baldur’s Gate 3

A comprehensive discussion of the character equipment choices made by players in Baldur's Gate 3, focusing primarily on reasons why some items are deliberately avoided.


Every player of Baldur’s Gate 3 has personal preferences for the gear their characters equip. They make their choices for a variety of reasons. Some selections are made for the benefits they offer in gameplay, whereas others are due to aesthetic considerations.

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Gear usability and look

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For some, the issue lies in the appearance. Wearing silly-looking helmets or costumes that clash may break the immersion in the game. Even if an item provides enhanced stats or abilities, these players would instead choose something less beneficial but more aesthetically pleasing.

A common complaint among players is about helmets—many of which are not visually appealing. This aversion leads to many choosing not to use them, despite the protective benefits offered.

For quite a few players, the dislike of irrational equipment choices is a factor. They want their character to wear gear that logically fits their class or role. For example, a mage or warlock would not be caught dead in full-plate armor, even if it statistically makes sense.

Gear and Character Design

Character design plays a significant part in a player's gear choice. If a character is created with a particular personality, history, or role, players tend to equip items that complement such design, even at the cost of utility or power benefits.

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Certain players favor role-playing over power-playing. They're willing to pick up weaker gear if it adds to their character's narrative or aesthetic, offering a more immersive role-playing experience.

For these players, the personality and backstory of their characters guide their item selections throughout the game. It aligns with how they perceive their characters would reasonably act, based on their personalities and backgrounds.

It’s not all about aesthetics, though. From the practical point of view, some gear comes with abilities that can be detrimental to certain play styles because they force players into specific tactics or movement styles.

Game Mechanic and Gear Compatibility

Naturally, some items in Baldur’s Gate 3 cause certain penalties or disadvantages when equipped. Players would tend to avoid such gear due to the inconvenience or hindrance caused during gameplay.

It could be the item restricts movement, causes noise that risks attracting enemies, or any other tactical drawback. Such items can force players to alter their overall strategy, leading them to discard those pieces of equipment.

One aspect that makes gear selection intriguing is the game mechanics. All gear in Baldur’s Gate 3 come with certain effects. While some gear boosts character stats or offers new abilities, others might come with detrimental side effects.

Additionally, some items in the game interfere with certain play styles. For example, the character’s overall speed may be slowed, or a particular action might become unavailable when certain equipment is worn.

Difficulty and Challenge Level

Every player's comfort level with the game affects their equipment choices. Some enjoy the challenges that come with difficult gameplay and therefore deliberately avoid overpowered gear to maintain a level of difficulty.

Such players are often those looking for a harder, more 'realistic' experience of the game. To them, using certain equipment that offers significant advantages makes the game too easy, which they see as a negative.

Others may not be concerned with the game difficulty aspect. These players equip their characters with the best available items to maximize their power and efficiency, pushing the game’s difficulty aside.

In conclusion, gear choices in Baldur’s Gate 3 reflect a rich combination of gameplay tactics, aesthetics, character personality, and player preference. Decisions can be complex, demonstrating that the reasons for avoiding certain gear in Baldur’s Gate 3 are as varied as its players.