Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Question Use of Intimidation versus Deception

Baldur’s Gate 3 players are in a debate over whether Intimidation or Deception is more advantageous, following one player's role-playing experience.Baldur's Gate 3: A Discussion on Intimidation Versus Deception

Baldur’s Gate 3: A Controversy Sparked Among Gamers

Baldur’s Gate 3, a vast role-playing game that provides gamers with numerous ways to interact with the world, has sparked a debate in the player community. The conversation between players is primarily focused on how non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game react drastically different depending on the approach the players take. Characters can use their previous knowledge to influence NPCs, pass 'Intimidation', 'Persuasion', and 'Deception' checks to achieve their objectives, or choose to attack in a straightforward manner.

About Intimidation and Deception in Baldur’s Gate 3

Recently, a discussion has emerged within the community regarding the use of Intimidation versus Deception. This debate was sparked by a player expressing their disappointment following a game event in which they failed an Intimidation check against a prison guard, which they felt broke their role-playing experience.

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The player shared their experience of being in prison and attempting to intimidate the prison guard into releasing them. However, after failing the Intimidation check, they were merely transported back to their cell without any repercussions. According to this player, Intimidation checks in the game should involve a genuine threat, differentiating them from Deception checks which involve fooling or tricking others.

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Player's Viewpoint:

'In what galaxy does someone who just threatened to rip a person’s throat out for not letting them pass, and MEANT IT, respond to ‘Sure, buddy – now back in your cell.’…Because they did mean it – otherwise it would have been a Deception check.'

Consequences of Failing an Intimidation Check

The player also expressed the belief that failing an Intimidation check should result in something more significant, such as triggering combat. They argue that a failed threat should likely provoke a response, and players shouldn't get off so easy.

However, opinions among the Baldur’s Gate 3 gaming community are divided regarding this perspective. Some share the belief that the consequences of failing an Intimidation check should be more severe, while others argue that the current consequences in the game are not immersion-breaking, as one player stated: 'I mean, if you fail to intimidate someone and he thinks ‘Aw, you’re cute trying to act tough,’ just him dumping you back in a cell thinking you’re an idiot is kind of a possibility.'

Balance in Game Choices

Given the amount of choice Baldur’s Gate 3 provides to players, it is predictable that certain outcomes may not meet everyone's expectations. Yet, unpredictable turns and outcomes are all part of the game, especially when the dice do not roll as anticipated.