Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Discovers Unique Method to Oust Key Villain

In a notable game maneuver, a Baldur’s Gate 3 player found an amusing way to oust a key villain without interacting with them directly.

Baldur’s Gate 3: A Spectrum of Choices

One of the highlights of the Baldur’s Gate 3 gaming experience is the spectrum of choices available to players. Similar to the concept in Dungeons & Dragons, Larian Studios has extended great flexibility to its players by providing them a quest and allowing them to decipher the most effective way to solve it. These solutions can range from engaging in combat, conversational diplomacy, or in certain situations, irritating non-player characters (NPCs) into withdrawal.

Versatility and Unique Strategies in Gameplay

With the high level of versatility present in Baldur’s Gate 3, players are developing comical methods for quest completion. This holds especially true in dealing with an often unwelcome guest who frequently pops up in your story.

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A player recently shared how they managed to eliminate the Devil Raphael from their game without any direct confrontation. Raphael is a character in the game who offers to remove the Tadpole, a parasite in the player's brain, at the cost of the player's soul.

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A Comical Encounter with Raphael the Devil

The player shared this account: “I just recently started Act 3 and met everyone’s favorite Devil in Sharess Caress. Since he stays friendly even when you attack him, I was testing some spells and weapons on him when he suddenly disappeared and a 'Quest Completed' window appeared.”

After achieving this feat, the player checked their game Journal and found a note stating: “We made Raphael so angry that he has refused to continue to deal with us.” This led to the termination of the deal with Raphael, thereby relieving the player of his constant presence.

The player followed up the incident with a hilarious remark saying, “Turns out you can be so irritating that the Devil that has been following your party for weeks just gives up.”

Seizing Alternative Solutions in Gameplay

It appears there are more alternatives to Raphael’s questline than players anticipate, and this strategy seems to be one of the simplest to execute, not to mention the most amusing.