Baldur’s Gate 3 may expand level cap in the future

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players are currently capped at level 12. However, according to Director Swen Vincke, it's possible that levels 13-20 could be incorporated in the future.

The Potential Level Cap Increase in Baldur’s Gate 3

The present level cap in the popular game, Baldur’s Gate 3, is set at 12 owing to the game's adherence to Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 5E’s rules. However, according to Director Swen Vincke, we might see level 20 at some point in the future. Incorporating levels 13-20, he claims, is certainly achievable.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s D&D 5E Rules

Baldur’s Gate 3’s loyal incorporation of D&D 5E’s rules lies at the core of the game's appeal. Because of these rules, players can engage in a variety of unorthodox activities such as defeating bosses with capitalism or accidentally killing off their companions in the act of pursuing love.

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These rules aren't always strict, however, and Larian, the game developer, will modify them in Baldur’s Gate 3 to assist in the transition from tabletop game to video game. One of the changes is the institution of a level 12 cap in order to keep the game more grounded.

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Incorporation of Levels 13-20

In a video interview on the D&D YouTube channel, the director, Swen Vincke, was asked about the game's level cap and how it would affect any additional downloadable content (DLC) if they couldn't establish a new cap. Vincke responded that it's not impossible to incorporate levels 13-20 of D&D into the game.

In D&D 5E, level 12 is a turning point where the power scaling significantly increases, especially in terms of players' abilities and spells. Larian has been candid about the challenges this presents in terms of game development.

Nevertheless, Vincke stated that while a new higher level cap isn't necessarily planned, the inclusion of DLCs isn't ruled out either. He explained that there are various ways to incorporate new features so it wouldn't necessarily have to be at the end of the game.

With regard to the potential for a level 13-20 experience, Vincke said it was certainly feasible, but it would constitute 'a different game'. It would require different stakes, environments, protagonists, and antagonists but it's not unattainable.

The Future of Larian Studios

Interestingly, Vincke revealed in the same interview that he has already moved on to 'the next game' for Larian Studios. This raises the question of whether a fully functional D&D campaign could be in the pipeline for the developer.

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The promise of acquiring the godlike power level 20 D&D has to offer is extremely enticing. However, the potential wait to reach these levels does somewhat dampen the excitement. In the meantime, players can take advantage of our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides to become the most powerful Level 12 Wizard or Warlock they can be.