Astarion’s Voice Actor Neil Newbon Streams Playthrough of Baldur's Gate 3

Neil Newbon, the voice actor of Astarion, is broadcasting his journey through the highly acclaimed video game, Baldur’s Gate 3. The playthrough includes new character voices and is streamed on Twitch and other voice actors also participate in the streams. Neil Newbon: The Voice Behind Astarion

Renowned Voice Actor Invades Baldur's Gate 3

Renowned voice actor Neil Newbon, better known as Astarion, has begun broadcasting his journey through the esteemed video game, Baldur's Gate 3. Newbon is not only reprising his own role but he is also providing new voices to the characters as he streams his playthrough. Baldur’s Gate 3 has become a titan in the gaming world, attracting an array of praise due to its expansive maps, detailed quests, and character-driven storyline. However, it is the level of player freedom that really sets the game apart.

Voice Acting: A Crucial Element in Gaming

Key to the game's success is the work of the talented voice actors who breathe life into the characters with the vociferous personalities that players have come to adore. Among these cherished characters is Astarion, whose own independent playthrough has been instigated by his voice-over counterpart, Neil Newbon. Newbon has launched a campaign in which he will provide the voice for the character once again.

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Experiencing the Game Through Newbon's Stream

Cooperating with writer Tom de Ville, Newbon's playthrough is streamed on Twitch and features various humorous clips on YouTube. Newbon is also hosting other voice actors on his stream, such as Amelia Tyler who voices the game's narrator, as well as animation director Thierry Van Gyseghem. Interested gaming enthusiasts can watch Newbon's stream when he is live, or alternately, they can view the segments on Neil's YouTube channel, where the Video On Demand (VOD) gameplay is uploaded.

Astarion’s Voice Actor Neil Newbon Streams Playthrough of Baldur

Newbon: A Seasoned Voice Actor

Newbon is a seasoned voice actor, having been in the industry for a while and performing numerous roles in different video games prior to signing on as Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3. His repertoire also includes roles as Heisenberg in Resident Evil: Village and Isaac in Deliver Us Mars.