An Elusive Character Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

This article illustrates how a player of Baldur's Gate 3 has created an almost invincible character featuring an armor class of 31, making it nearly unreachable.

In the colossal realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, a fanatical player has crafted a character build that is nearly impenetrable. Strikingly, this character displays an armor class of 31, a count that could leave all adversaries futile in their attacks.

Time and time again, players are drawn to the endless opportunities Baldur’s Gate 3 offers for character construction. There are a limitless number of hours spent on innovative ideas to bring unique attributes to characters.

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The range of possibilities extends from Monks with the capability to inflict hundreds of points of damage on opponents, to characters designed to serve as nurturing, guiding figures for the team. With no constraint on the spectrum of possibilities, an inclination towards strategic gaming or imaginative roleplaying does not limit the creation of diverse characters.

An Elusive Character Build in Baldur’s Gate 3 ImageAlt

The recent sensation in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a character unveiling an astonishing armor class of 31. This exceptional build, shared by a dedicated player, seems to be nearly unbeatable.

A Manifestation of an Untouchable Character in Baldur’s Gate 3

A player has showcased their near invincible character in a screenshot. The character, presented in the popular Baldur’s Gate 3 forum, was joked to be ‘unhittable’ by its creator, displaying a staggering armor class of 31.

Although this character isn't completely immune to all forms of damage as critical hits may still inflict harm, and the character could be susceptible to successful saving throws based on their statistical breakdown, a vast majority of spells and melee attacks are likely to miss given the high AC number.

The image reveals an intricate breakdown of this character’s defense from every additional armor class point. The creator of the character shared the details of the specific armor and shield used in this remarkable build.

The character wears the Armor of Agility, a Very Rare armor which can be acquired in the game’s third act. This Medium Armor, unlike its counterparts, does not limit your Dexterity bonus to +2, allowing the declared ‘unhittable’ character to boost their AC and use their full +5.

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The Secret Behind the Exceptional Armor Class

The shield paired with the Armor of Agility can be retrieved from the House of Hope. This shield does not provide additional bonuses, but it certainly completes the ensemble for this almighty build.

While a strategic approach might involve dividing these protective elements among team members to enhance overall resilience to attacks, there are benefits to having one character nearly indestructible, particularly if that character is at the forefront of confrontations.

The 'unhittable' character can attract and shrug off attacks, allowing the rest of the party to focus on their strengths and avoid direct damage. This tactic emphasizes the importance of strategic thinking during combat, demonstrating the dynamic gameplay Baldur’s Gate 3 allows.

Bottom Line: A Glimpse into the Infinite Possibilities Presented by Baldur’s Gate 3

Indeed, the distinctiveness of this elusive character is yet another milestone in the seemingly infinite possibilities that Baldur’s Gate 3 presents. This unique character build demonstrates how astute players can maximize the tools and resources available in the game to create truly impressive and dominant player characters.

This phenomenon has sparked numerous discussions and inspired other players to attempt similar, unconventional builds. It highlights not only the creative potential within the game, but also the imaginative capabilities of its enthusiastic player base.

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