A Misstep in BG3 Honour Mode

An overview of a BG3 player's unexpected Honour Mode loss due to Scratch's playful action.

A Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3) player experienced an unwanted twist in their game due to Scratch, a character in the game who decided to fetch just when it was least desired. This unplanned happenstance led to an embarrassing loss in Honour Mode for the gamer, highlighting the unpredictable nature of this game mode in BG3.

This event comes subsequent to the deployment of Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 5 update towards the end of November. This update ushered in a myriad of changes and introduced fresh content, one of which was a new game mode – Honour Mode. This new mode elevated the game's difficulty significantly and added an unexpected layer of complexity to the gameplay.

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The experience in Honour Mode disallowed players from utilizing save scum – a technique of saving prior to a risky action and reloading the game if the outcome is unfavorable. This amplified the impact of its permadeath feature in the game. A mini debate among users resulted over whether certain elements, such as dice rolls, somehow worked against them during Honour runs.

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It appears that the unsuspected protagonist in this heightened difficulty landscape was none other than man’s best friend. The usual companionship with the familiar Scratch took a dramatic turn when the player embarked on an adventure to navigate the challenging paths of Honour Mode.

Unfortunate Outcome in Honour Mode

Despite Scratch being a much-loved companion in BG3, one player experienced firsthand that the friendly dog’s adorable antics can lead to unintentional chaos. Every action, as mundane as fetching, can turn into a game-changing event for the player’s strategic ploys.

The unprecedented event was shared by a gamer under the pseudonym, PoliticalBudgie. The player arranged a rescue mission for another character, Nere, at the Grymforge. Their strategy involved using Runepowder to blow away surrounding rocks providing a safe pathway to the rescued character.

However, their well-thought-out approach went amiss, thanks to Lae’zel’s pet, Scratch. The playful dog, interpreting the Runepowder throw as an invitation for a game of fetch, played its part causing unexpected consequences.

The situation swiftly spiraled out of control, resulting in an instantaneous end to the player's run. PoliticalBudgie narrated the unfortunate incident, “[Scratch] fetched it WHILE MY ARROW WAS HEADING TOWARDS IT. My entire party, Scratch, and the gnomes were instantly obliterated.”

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Scratch, An Unpredicted Destruction in Disguise

This unfortunate event was not the first instance of Scratch inadvertently leading to a BG3 player’s party demise. With the unpredictable nature of Scratch’s behavior, it raises the question of whether its presence is more of a blessing or a curse.

The BG3 community on the digital platform found amusement in PoliticalBudgie's unfortunate experience. There were an array of reactions and comments, all in good cheer, on this unexpected gameplay turn. A comment compared the situation to an animated scene where a dog fetches a stick of dynamite, much to the owner's surprise.

Apart from laughter and jokes, the incident garnered a whole lot of attention from the gaming community. In response, one pointed out that the game character's behavior can't be blamed entirely; the player should have been more cautious with their strategy. As per game mechanics, the Runepowder does not necessarily have to be thrown; perhaps just dropping it would have been a safer bet.

Many gamers offered their thoughts, with one stating, “And that’s another reason I leave the pets at camp. Too funny, tho.” The incident was a gentle reminder to tread lightly while dealing with unpredictable elements and playful entities like Scratch in Honour Mode runs.